Dear Joshua,

Thanks for your response to my question which I read with great interest yesterday. It has sparked another question for me and I hope it is Ok for me to ask something again so quickly. In your answer you state that allowing is what will help me create the life I truly desire. I think I am getting to grips with the idea of allowing. I was always taught that I had to do things to make it work so I have to admit that it is a strange concept, at first.

If I understand rightly, all the situations that come to my life are there to help me raise my vibration to get to a vibrational match to what I truly desire. So my role is not to DO anything but to simply focus on accepting things as they are. When things occur, instead of judging them as bad or undesirable, I need to look at the fear/limiting belief behind it?

So if I may take an example; yesterday I went for a jog after almost 1 year of not running. I felt pain in my hip and knee afterwards, I realise that this came from fear of having still muscles and in a belief that I am fit enough. I practiced what you mentioned and the pain was gone this morning. My question is – is there an easy way to really get to the bottom of our fears. I understand that acknowledging what is happening and asking “why am I feeling like this,” would help but I was wondering if there were other specific steps I needed to take to understand and get to know the fear and the limiting beliefs.

Thanks again for your reply. I am so grateful that I have reached the vibrational level to find you. I find your work so useful. It’s wonderful! Lots of love.


Dear Fabienne,

We will start with the premise that whatever is occurring is designed to help you remove limiting beliefs and thereby raise your vibration so that what you want may come to you. When you judge that something has gone wrong, like the pain you felt after jogging, you are resisting the message. If you accept that the pain is there to tell you something, then you are allowing the message. If you view the pain as a bad thing, you are resisting and if you view it as a message and it has a purpose, then you are allowing the message and the purpose to be of use?

If you believed that the pain was wrong or you were wrong for having the pain, then you would have not moved your vibration. But the fact is that you chose a higher perspective and in a little while the pain was gone. Imagine if you had been very upset about the pain. You might have cursed yourself for jogging too far or your body for not being in shape. This would have caused the pain to linger or grow more painful. Instead you realized it was a message and the pain left as soon as the message was received. The message was simply that your body is not used to the work just yet, so take it a little slower. That’s a good message.

There is no trick to identifying and releasing fear. Anytime you feel negative emotion, it is a sign that there is a limiting belief causing it (or causing you to adopt a limiting perspective) and there is fear at the root of it. If you can stop and think of any possible fear, you’ve made great progress. Then you can find evidence that the fear is false and if you feel a bit of relief, you’ve done all that you can. You’ve found a more suitable perspective. If you do this often enough, you’ll reduce the intensity of a great many irrational fears and your reality will shift to reflect your new, higher vibration.

When you felt the pain from running, you initially felt negative emotion and you quickly realized there was some fear there. Maybe you feared that you body was no longer fit enough to run. Maybe you feared that you caused an injury. Maybe you feared that you had made a mistake by running too far. Whatever it was, you changed you perspective and felt relief. The relief you felt first manifested by the negative emotion disappearing and then by the pain disappearing. You see, the negative emotion is the first manifestation and the pain was the second manifestation.

It is not really necessary to find the exact fear. As long as you feel relief after identifying any fear and proving that it is false, you have done well indeed. As you practice this whenever you feel negative emotion, you will soon become used to identifying and reducing the intensity of a great many fears. All it takes is a little practice and soon a very positive habit will follow.

You are doing wonderfully and we are exhilarated to watch you move through your fears.