Dear Joshua,

Thanks again for your reply last week. I hope you won’t mind but I have another question for you. I have been thinking about what you wrote to me and I wanted to check that I fully understand.

I am worthy and unique and I can only compare myself to myself and to the person I was yesterday.

I deserve to be, have and do whatever I desire.

I came here to experience life in general (love for example) but also for more specific things which I can discover through my interests and passions.

I don’t have to “do” anything but simply to “be” myself and to choose my thoughts, words and actions in order to create in my reality like a Director creates a film and chooses the characters, the story, the words.

I choose what meaning I give to situations because situations themselves are neutral. I can decide that an event is either positive or negative but the more I focus on the positive, the more my life will be enjoyable.

There are no “tasks” or things for me to do. The only thing I have to remember is that my thoughts, words and actions will generate a vibration which will be a match to other people with whom I will co-create.

I cannot create in someone else’s reality but I can influence it.

So, if I understand rightly the only task I have is to be “present” enough in the NOW, in every moment to make sure that I create with ALL of my thoughts and words and that I simply allow things to unfold and take actions when I feel inspired to do so. Is that correct?

Many thanks again for your answer. I am very grateful that you have come to help us through Gary.

Love. Fabienne

Dear Fabienne,

While being present is a wonderful thing, and is certainly part of conscious awareness, we understand that it is difficult to be fully aware of every thought, every emotion, in every situation and every moment. The mere fact that you understand the importance of awareness of the moment is very good indeed. However, for you to receive all that you want in this life, you must align yourself and your vibration with the state of allowing. Let us explain this.

Your vibrational signal brings all that you have into your life. If you want something, it is your vibrational signal that will make it happen. Once you’ve asked for something, it has been created and it’s on its way to you as long as you allow it. So then, you can see how important it is to get yourself into the state of allowing. Only from this state can everything you want come to you.

Your vibration is a mix of both wanted and unwanted. It is a mix of things you appreciate and things you fear. It is a mix of what you deem good and what you believe to be bad. When events happen that cause you to feel negative emotion, you have two choices; you can either analyze the event and figure out what the fear is, or you can dismiss the whole thing as wrong or bad.

When you believe that anything is wrong or bad, you are resisting it. When you can see that everything is part of the plan to bring you what you want (even if it seems bad) you can accept it for what it is, not fight against it, and you’ll not resist it. This is the state of allowing and it informs your vibration. From this state of ease and acceptance, everything you really want will come to you in the most elegant manner imaginable.

Being present certainly helps, but being in the state of allowing or non-resistance is even better. When you feel negative emotion find out why. What is the fear? Why do you fear it? Is it reasonable or is the fear irrational. If you cannot die as a result of this fear, then it is irrational and you can overcome it by proving it’s false. If you can take this approach to life, you’ll be in the state of allowing enough of the time that your reality will yield to you in many magnificent ways.

You are loved and you are a pure positive being of love. Remember that.