Dear Joshua,

This is the third time that I hear Joshua use the concept of blended being. It really attracted my attention. Is it the fact that we are a spiritual being in a physical being or having a physical experience or is there more to this? Could you expand further for me please?

Many thanks.
With all my love,

Dear Fabienne,

You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You might feel like an individual human living a physical and finite existence. This is the illusion created by physical reality. In reality, you are an eternal being of pure positive love and acceptance. You are eternally surrounded by millions of guides and supporters. Most importantly, your inner self, the larger part of you who remains focused in the nonphysical realm, is completely aware of you. Your inner self knows all of your thoughts, desires, and intentions – especially those you set forth prior to your birth. These are your true desires.

Your inner self constantly and consistency guides you to the most elegant manifestation of all of your desires. You can explore anything you choose in this reality and your inner self supports you in all of your decisions. You cannot make a mistake or get anything wrong. You are loved.

Your inner self uses the tool of emotion to guide you. When you are feeling good, your inner self sends you inspiration in the form of thoughts and ideas. When you are perceiving that something is wrong, your inner self sends you specific emotions so that you can realize that your perspective is off. In alignment, when you are perceiving reality as it really is, your inner self sends you a thought or an idea. When you act on these thoughts and ideas, you are being a blended being. When you take the step in front of you, you are being a blended being.

If you had the ability to maintain your alignment at all times, you would receive a constant and recognizable stream of inspiration and you would simply take action in the moment you received the thought. You would behave on earth as your inner self would behave on earth. This is the basis of the idea of being blended. You would simply move with the current of inspiration.

Right now, as you are in this moment in time, having graduated the bootcamp, you are more receptive to inspiration than ever. You are receiving constant and consistent thoughts of inspiration. You always have. You have never not lacked inspiration. The flow is always turned on at the source. You restrict the flow through fear. Fear limits you from receiving and acting on the inspiration.

In fear (negative emotion), you are out of alignment due to your limited perspective. At these times, you are more open to urges to change the conditions rather than the flow of creative inspiration. And so the signal is fuzzy. In alignment, you are completely open to inspiring ideas, yet often you do not judge these ideas as actual inspiration. You perceive that the ideas are inappropriate, too much, or that the timing is wrong. However, it is never wrong. Other times you receive the full inspiration, yet when contemplating the idea, you feel fear and so you do not act. You do not push past the fear and the forward progress is stalled. That’s okay. It’s part of the game.

If you want to move swiftly to the life that will fulfill your dreams (those intentions you set prior to your birth), all you have to do is become a blended being. When blended with your inner self, you will move in unison with the master plan. You will take the first step you can take and expand as a result. You will be powerful and fully engage universal energies. You will be leveraging those energies to allow in the life you truly desire. It will be effortless and easy. This is what you have been seeking your whole life.

However, you are still adapting to this new approach to life. You still entertain doubts about yourself and your capabilities. You question your own worthiness. You experience fear and you tend to shy away from negative emotion. This is not wrong in any way, it’s simply limiting. You do not have to move swiftly. You can take it more slowly. But, as you gain more and more confidence vey pushing through all those little, irrational fears, you will become a master at the art of manifesting one desire after the other. Remember, fear is simply limiting and you did not come to live a safe and small life. You fully intended to live as an example of alignment by processing those fears and creating the dynamic and satisfying life you intended to live. If you have faith that your inner self knows all that you want and how to make you a vibrational match to those desires, you will live out your life just as you intended. That is the benefit of the blended life of an eternal, limitless and magnificent being of love. That can be your life.

With our love,
We are Joshua