Hi Joshua and Gary! I hope you are well!

I’m curious. I have come across many mediums or channelers. While most have a similar message (for eg. acceptance and following joy/processing fear) some have contradicting messages. One example is a medical medium who receives info directly from a “spirit of the most high.” This individual has been hearing from spirit about other’s medical conditions since he was a child. He often talks about a virus (Epstein Barr) that many unknowingly carry dormant, until they are under stress and it becomes active and manifests in a variety conditions depending on the individual. This part resonates with what I know already, when we are out of alignment we can experience disease within the body.

Spirit also tells him specific foods that people can eat to heal their conditions such as wild blueberries, celery, cilantro etc. What I’m curious about is, if the info is coming directly from spirit, why would the advice not be about changing one’s perspective rather than one’s diet?

With love and thanks,

Dear Erin,

This is a fascinating question. While there are many teachers teaching the laws of the universe, why wouldn’t they all teach the same thing? Because all of the students are at different levels. They all have different beliefs. They are all a vibrational match to different information. They are not all ready to hear the same thing.

Let’s imagine that someone approaches life in the old way of control. They do not understand the laws of the universe or the mechanism of physical reality. They live in resistance. As you know, when you experience fear and negative emotion, you are simply resisting what is. In that state, you receive urges to change the conditions. The point of the manifestation event is to allow one to uncover the limiting belief that caused fear and process that belief rather than change the conditions. It provides you an opportunity to change your perspective. Even if you don’t know anything about the laws of the universe, a manifestation event can still alter one’s perspective.

If you exist and a state of resistance that spirals into stress, it is because you have not been processing your limiting beliefs. It is common for unwanted physical conditions to arise in order to capture your attention and alter your beliefs about what is important. The unwanted physical condition often causes a shift in perspective. Imagine that you are stressed out about your job and you attract cancer. Suddenly your perspective changes and your job is now the least of your worries. While cancer is a drastic change in life, other conditions are less drastic, but still cause a shift in perspective. Now let’s imagine that the prolonged resistance known as stress activates an unwanted physical condition which causes a major shift in perspective. The individual may continue to react by calling the condition wrong or she may realize that the condition was brought on by consistent resistant thought and change her perspective. She has expanded as a result of the condition to a new level of awareness. If she is prone to seeking a new way of life, she might find the path through yoga, traditional medicine, alternative medicine, a change in diet, meditation, or the advice of a channel who she resonates with. When one attracts a teacher into her life she has become a vibrational match to those teachings. Those teachings resonate with the vibration she is emitting.

Her vibration is created in part by her set of beliefs. She believes what she is taught and the actions she is inspired to take lead to the easing of her unwanted physical condition. She resonates with the teacher who offers her the path of least resistance to the desire that was borne out of her unwanted physical condition.

Nothing is identical in physical reality. Everything is unique. Every teacher is unique. Every channeler brings forth the message in a unique way and attracts those ready to hear the message unique to that teacher. While students may follow many teachers, what they learn has to do with their own unique vibration and what they are ready to learn based on their set of unique beliefs. If you would like to learn more, from more teachers, allow your beliefs to be as malleable as possible so that you resonate with many different teachers and more information. You might see some similarities, but you will also learn the nuances that others may not resonate with at this point in their spiritual journeys.

With our love,
We are Joshua