Hi Joshua,

I’ve had a big realization recently. This whole time I have been into reading about law of attraction, over the past few years, has simply been me trying to make what I want happen. I have been constantly searching for the next thing, the next process or idea that will be the answer for me to finally manifest what I want in my life. And why am I trying to manifest these things? Because I believe they will make me happy.

I am seeing my life as it is right now as not good enough and I need these things in order to feel happy. Specifically, the dream body, the dream man, and lots of money. And I have total attachment to controlling these outcomes, they MUST happen in order for me to be happy. But I now know that nothing I want in life can manifest from this perspective of wrong-ness and lack. And I don’t want to be that person anymore – someone who is searching for things outside of herself in order to be happy. I want to be happy now, with my life exactly the way it is.

So I was wondering if you could please offer me some words of advice – how can I release my attachment and control for these things I think I need to manifest, and to just learn to be truly happy in my life, just as it is?


Dear Emma,

You have figured it out. Bravo! You are exactly right. You cannot wish for happiness by asking for things to be different than they are. You cannot look in a mirror and ask the reflection to smile when you are frowning. The outside world is simply a reflection of how you feel. If you do not feel happy now, you can’t expect the outer world to show you things that will make you happy. Be happy, and the outer world will reflect that. So now you must radically alter your approach to life. The way the universe works is different than you think. You cannot do things from a lower-emotional state of being and expect those actions to have any positive effect on your life. You cannot change the conditions to please you because they will always make you feel exactly the same way no matter what they look like. This is not a universe of taking, it’s one of receiving. You don’t get what you want by doing, you get what you ask for by allowing.

So, how does one become an allower? First you must understand that your inner self knows what you want and how to get it to you. You inner self sees things from the higher perspective. You think you know how to get what you want, but you cannot know because your perspective is limited. So then what do you do? Nothing. Do not do anything. Do not try to get anything. Do nothing other than feel good. This may sound silly, we know, but the only thing you can do to receive all that you want is work on feeling good. You must feel good first before anything good can come to you. This must be your only plan.

Do nothing unless it feels good. When you are doing something, figure out a way to make yourself feel good while doing it. Meditate daily in order to learn how to control your thoughts. Your thoughts are crucial here because in order to feel good, you will have to control the way you think. When a negative or fearful thought enters your mind, you must be able to quickly replace it with a better feeling thought.

You do not have to articulate what you want or why you want it. It does not matter. Your desires are conveyed to the universe through your vibration and your inner self is guiding you to everything you want. It is good to want a perfect body and a mate to share your life with. It is good to want abundance and freedom. These are things that are universally desired. You are right for wanting these things. Now let them come to you.

You are not a vibrational match to what you want and the proof of that is because you do not have it in your reality right now. In order to become a match, you will have to change. There’s nothing you have to do other than allow the change to take place. You have a set of beliefs and these beliefs are comprised of some that are beneficial and some that are limiting. In order for you to be a vibrational match to anything you want, your unique set of beliefs must be different than it is. You must be different than you are. You will have to change. You will have to be open to change. Are you willing to change or do you fear change?

People who allow their beliefs to change easily are those who receive all that they want. People who hold on firmly to their beliefs have more difficulty allowing what they want to come to them. If you want to receive what you desire, you must allow your beliefs to be malleable. You must not resist change. The change that is coming will be a change to your persona.

Your persona is your idea of who you are, but it’s false. You are not who you think you are at all. You are much more than that. Who you really are is a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. Who you are being right now is more fearful. You will have to release your fears and push through them. You will have to release the current idea of who you are and believe that you are much more than that. You will have to come to know the authentic version of yourself. You will have to undergo a radical change. Are you ready for that?

Ready or not, the universe will work to change you. You will be placed in manifestation events and these will test the limits of your beliefs and will place you in situations where you will have the opportunity to alter your beliefs if you accept that the manifestation event is not wrong, nor the people involved. If you feel negative emotion, you’re in a manifestation event. The event will seem wrong, but it is not. You will dip into a low emotional state of being because your persona is being attacked. Your ego will try to protect your persona, but you must not be fooled by this. The ego will ask you to lash out at the other people or withdraw in sadness and hurt. This is what you must see through. It is all an illusion. You must come to know that when you feel negative emotion, it is a signal from the universe. If you see the situation as wrong, you’re missing the point. You must uncover the fear behind the limiting belief and prove to yourself it is a false fear. Then you can adopt a new belief or at least reduce the intensity of the limiting belief. This is how you change. This is how you get all that you want.

To be an allower, you must see that nothing is wrong. If you can do that, you can receive all that you will ever want, one thing right after the next. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

With all our love,
We are Joshua.