How can we discover what was the specific feeling we wanted to feel before we came to this earth?


Dear Dikshit,

You are experiencing the feelings you wanted to feel before coming to Earth whenever you feel love, joy, happiness, appreciation, harmony, desire, expansion, fascination, excitement, and satisfaction. If you are feeling these feelings on a regular basis, you are doing what you intended prior to your birth. There are one or more specific feelings you intended to explore and these will be found in your interests and passions. You chose the time and place of your birth and your parents in order to create a trajectory which would launch you toward that which you specifically intended. Look at the conditions of your childhood and try to understand why your would choose those parents, the place of your birth and the exact date and time of your birth. When you look at this, clues will be revealed to you.

What were you most interested in as a child? Do those interests still remain with you today? What did you enjoy most as a child? Do you still enjoy it today? If you were to have been raised without the influences of your parents, peers or society, what sorts of things would you be doing? Reflect on your early years and try to discover what is is you liked then. Think about what interests you now and explore that further. Try to reduce the effects of society’s influence. Don’t think about money, respect, admiration or any of that which is meaningless. Think only about what you personally like and not what others may think of your desires.

You are guided by a system and this system uses your interests to lead you to new ideas. Do not deny yourself that which interests you. Follow your interests and they will lead to your passion. It is in the free pursuit of passion that you will find that specific feeling you intended to feel prior to your birth.