Dear Joshua,

In this lifetime I have been searching for answers to why am I here, what is life all about, etc. These questions have lead me to you and to the teachings of Abraham and the law of attraction. My question is, in my next lifetime do I take with me all that I have learned in this life or do I have to start all over again. Next time will I have a better understanding of the laws of attraction at an earlier age?

Thank you,

Dear Denise,

Yes. The law of expansion explains that you are on a never-ending journey of expansion and therefore you are on a path of progression. You can never move backwards, only forwards. What you have learned, what you have experienced, and the expansion you have achieved in this lifetime carries with you to the nonphysical and it informs your next life. However, what you think you want in this lifetime may not be what you actually want in the next life.

As a result of this life experience, you have changed. The you that existed in the nonphysical prior to your birth and still exists in the nonphysical while you are experiencing this physical life, is changing with every new experience of life that you have. When you transition to the nonphysical, you will reunite with your inner self and you will have grown and expanded from your experience in this lifetime. From this new place, you may desire another life in physical reality. You intended to explore certain aspects of physical reality prior to your birth and before your next incarnation you will intend to explore other aspects of physical reality.

Think of your continuing interests as a thread. This thread may lead from one life to the nonphysical back into another life and weave its way into many lifetimes as you further explore a specific interest. Conversely, you may have reached the end of one thread and in the next lifetime you might begin the exploration of some new aspect of physical reality. The interests or facets of physical reality that you judge worthy to explore may not hold much weight from your new level of understanding as you exist in the nonphysical.

Fear does not exist in the nonphysical and so as you make intentions to explore physical reality, you do so without much consideration to fear. You have faith that you will find your interests and passions given the trajectory that you will choose which will lead you to them. You understand that you cannot get it wrong and so you trust that the laws of the universe will lead you toward the experiences that will further your expansion. In the nonphysical, time does not exist as you know it. So you make intentions without regard to time. You understand that if you do not fully explore a subject in one life, it means nothing for you have as many lives and as many opportunities to explore anything and everything you choose.

Your perspective while living in a physical reality, which is defined by time and space, causes you to narrow your idea of the boundless possibilities that exist. No one life has that much meaning, but together they unfold to cause wonderful expansion, which breathes life into every new incarnation.

You believe that you are fortunate to understand the laws of the universe while living a physical life. You might think that it would be better to understand these laws at a younger age. This is not necessarily the case because your younger years caused you to create the desire to seek this information. The time at which you discovered our teachings was the perfect time and will lead to more detailed interests and pursuits.

The thing we would like you to remember is that you have purposely forgotten all of your past lives. This is by design because if you knew what happened in previous lives, you could not follow the path you chose prior to embarking on the brand new and wonderful life. You are meant to live this life fully without regard to past or future lives. The fact that you know you are eternal allows you to be at ease with this life and enjoy it as fully or not as you so choose. You do not need to take anything seriously because there is nothing important going on here. Earth was designed as a playground and the more serious you take it, the less fun it becomes.

You are loved more than you can imagine and your doing wonderfully this time around.