Dear Joshua,

I am getting a tremendous stream of ideas and positive thoughts and energy. I am constantly appreciating My Dad, my grandmother, and especially my old mentor E.L. who I talk to and ask questions to. And also appreciate the memories we shared. Sometimes I can smell EL’s after shave, or hear their voices in my head and on occasion have heard their voice through my ears.

Then other times I do not feel them at all – and I feel like I am appreciating and asking the same. What is the best way to get confirmation from them? How do I know which ideas I am having are the ones I should really focus on to bring to fruition? Should I be writing my requests to them, thinking the requests, or just think about them and feel good?

I am ready to rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Joshua. I know you are in there in my fabulous life as well!! I am loving your words to Gary in a deeply profound way.

Debra Jo

Dear Debra Jo,

Just as Gary has reached vibrational resonance with us, you have also reached a high vibrational level of being which has enabled you to communicate with the ones you love. Your belief that they must be dead, has allowed you to have this communication. Yet, you had it when they were alive as well. Every time you thought of them, when they were living, you were communicating with them. It is your beliefs that allow this level of communication.

So today we are talking about your beliefs. You can communicate with us, with loved ones who are now focused in the nonphysical, and even with those who are focused in your physical reality but are not within earshot. Your communication has much more to do with your vibration than you might imagine. If you are resonating with them, regardless of their proximity, you can communicate with them if you believe you can. Your vibrations and your beliefs work together in this regard.

When you think of them, ask questions and wait for a response. It will come instantaneously. Do not doubt what you hear. Do not over analyze it. Believe that it is coming from whomever you are talking to. Feel the resonance with what you hear. Believe that it is real and it will be. They are always available to you, always beaming their love and communication, but you are not always vibrationally available to hear them.

You are receiving energy and a strong flow of ideas because you have reached a new vibrational level of awareness. All of the ideas are good and are worth pursuing. But, in order to find the one idea that will bring you the most joy, you must think about that which feels the easiest. What would be easy for you? What would be fun? What would be most exciting? These are the questions to ask yourself and to ask your guides. You have a unique perspective on life and a very unique and diversified set of talents. But do not think in terms of what you should do, only what you really want to do. Think about the satisfaction you will gain, not by proving your worthiness for you know you are already as worthy as any who have ever existed, think about what would satisfy your interests.

Feel free to delve into an idea, then modify that idea, ask for more guidance, then abandon it completely and go on to the next thing. As long as you’re happy, you can’t go wrong. You couldn’t go wrong anyway.

Feel free to ask us many questions, with or without Gary, and listen for the answers. We are more available to you than you think.