Hey Joshua,

1) I am looking for a new book to read. What do you suggest?

2) Based on our physical life – how would you describe the perfect day from waking up to sleep?

Lots of Love – Debra Jo
#1 JoshFan

Dear Debra Jo,

You are currently reading the best book you could read at this moment in time. You have magnificently attracted the material into your physical reality even though it is only available to a very few number of people. What you are reading and how you are interpreting the material is a perfect match to your current vibrational offering. You are indeed raising your vibration.

In the future, as you ponder a question like this, the question being “What is best for me now?” your answer will always come from alignment with your inner self. You do not need us to advise you on what to read or anything for that matter. Your inner self knows what you want and will lead you to whatever it is at the time you are vibrationally ready.

You did not physically go out and purchase our book, but you did attract it. In fact you attracted it well before the rest of humanity. That may give you some insight as to your unique and individual powers of attraction. Quite impressive we would say.

As for your second question we believe you already know the answer to this one and are simply seeking our validation. We think that you, unlike the majority of humans, have got it right. Your method works very well for you and we would continue to do exactly what you are doing. We would, however, not suggest your specific methods to anyone else for they may interpret it in a different way. What’s right for you, you will know. But it may not be right for others. Do not try to sway others to your way of thinking and don’t allow them to influence you from your way of thinking. Your vibration is very different from anyone else’s and we think you know this well enough.