Dear Joshua,

I have a big question for Joshua. I’ve been contemplating that in ancient times, certain individuals like Christ, Krishna and Buddha achieved enlightenment. Meanwhile, in modern times, there are individuals who channel non-physical entities (or stream) like Abraham, Sara, Joshua, Laurel etc. I guess my question is if enlightenment is a different expansion than channeling? Are these parallel paths to connecting with Source? The older path birthed world religions…is Stream the next iteration? I sense that the teachings, old and new, stem from Source, but the new way (channeling) is perhaps more a vibrational match for the age of technology, one that guides us to a higher perspective without the formality and structure of religion.

Love and thanks,

Dear Daniel,

In the past, of the billions who have lived a physical life, certain individuals, some of who you might be familiar with and many who you have never heard of, lived as the true expression of Source. Somehow they were able to see past the illusion of disconnection and stream pure love consciousness. They connected with Source consciousness at a very high level and they were able to explain that connection to others who lived in their time. However, that level of connection is no longer necessary or even preferred, because their words were distorted and the religions grew to further confuse the connection to Source.

You are an aspect of Source living a physical life and so you have a somewhat diluted idea of what Source is and your connection to that Source energy and love. This is not wrong. There is nothing you need to do. You need not live a life fully connected or disconnected from Source. That is not the true or intended purpose of physical reality. There is nothing you must aspire to other than living as the most authentic version of Daniel as you can. That is your journey of discovery. Who is Daniel as an aspect of Source consciousness?

You might perceive that those who have found a high level of consciousness are somehow superior to you. This is not the case. They may or may not have come to the full realization of who they were as aspects of Source, but that was their journey and this is yours. No matter how enlightened they were, they could never explain who Daniel is as an aspect of Source. That is your exploration. All they could do was show that it is possible to live as a more complete expression of Source to the degree to which they allowed it to flow. You need not emulate them. If this is your desire, simply stay on your path and perceive yourself as perfect as you are. That will lead to higher expressions of authenticity.

All humans, even those you perceive as masters, set certain individual and unique intentions prior to their births. They set their intentions and you have set yours. Their paths were unique to them and yours is unique to you. They were not greater than you, they were equal in that they were on an exploration of self-discovery. However, their vibration was compatible with the times in which they lived. Your vibration is perfectly suited to your time. They were teachers of past generations and their teachings were intended to apply to those of their time with the vibrations present at that time. Their ideas and histories were adapted to both inspire and control generations that came later, yet the vibration was not meant for those generations. It all worked out perfectly, because it has led to the unique time in which you live now. Those of older generations (and societies, civilizations, etc.), had more rigid beliefs and they were more limited in their thinking. You are now able to process your beliefs and expand your thinking.

You have a certain belief about religious and spiritual figures and so for you to receive enlightenment (as you call it) would conflict with your set of beliefs. However, you always have access to Source consciousness and to the stream of intelligence coming from the nonphysical. You have the ability to process your limiting beliefs. You can think in a new way. You can adopt a new approach to life. You can tap into the energy that creates worlds in order to fully explore your life in this incarnation as Daniel. As you seek to discover more of who you truly are, you can use what you know to move towards the energy of love consciousness and away from the fear caused by limiting beliefs. This is your birthright and in that you have all the power that any master has ever wielded.

With our love,
We are Joshua