Hi Joshua ,

I am staying at my parents house for a week to spend time with them. It’s been enjoyable just being with them. The only thing I’m finding not enjoyable are my dreams. Seems like every night the dreams get more graphic, violent, and horrific and I’m having a harder time making myself go back to sleep. I even put on a meditation on healing when I wake to divert my thoughts but still. I have had talks with myself in the early morning hours of how I’m in control and I just need to picture positive actions. But still!! I’m tired. Any suggestions?

Thank You,

Dear Cherie,

When you sleep you visit the nonphysical realm for the purposes of refreshment and realignment. We would say you work out the kinks of your daily life while you sleep. Upon waking, you receive a download of what transpired in the nonphysical. Because you have no reference point, your mind interprets that nonphysical activity in a physical way that might not make sense to you. Often the story does not seem to have relevance because it is from another plane of existence. What you end up with is the feeling of the dream, not an actual message.

If you are having difficult or unpleasant dreams it’s because your nonphysical self is trying to realign some strong negative energy. In this case it is the resistance you hold against the love you feel for your parents which is held in contrast to the tension you feel. There is some resentment there and your inner self is trying to resolve that as you sleep.

During your waking periods you are interacting with your parents and you are refraining from being who you really are as you hold yourself apart from your feelings while in their presence. It’s like you are walking on egg shells. There is a tension there that goes very deeply and the resistance in you is tightly held. You will not let go of something from your past. You cannot allow yourself to love as openly as you want to. You are holding back.

As you go about your day, your tension grows stronger. By the time you fall asleep, you’ve become very tense indeed. In your sleep state you must resolve this tension and this work is reflected in the feeling you receive from these dreams. There is nothing wrong with this. It is not bad to have bad dreams. It is just a way for you to know that great stress is being resolved. As soon as you remove yourself from your parents’ home, you will return to a night of normal dreaming.

However, you could practice the art of allowing, forgiveness and appreciation while you have this opportunity. You could resolve some of your issues on your own which would lessen the need for you to do this while you sleep. You could relax in the understanding that everything in your past has set you up perfectly for where you now stand. Where you are now is a very good place to be. You would not want to change a thing, because this is where you had planned to be all along. You are on the precipice of great understanding and reawakening. You are on the path to becoming who you really are and you have never been this far along in this lifetime or in any other. You have your parents to thank for this, for they provided the trajectory you wanted prior to coming into this life.

If you can look at your life and your parents from the higher perspective, you can ease into this relationship knowing that everything in the past happened to bring you a place where you are now asking for higher and broader knowledge into the workings of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. Many wish to be where you are right now. If not for your parents and the life you have led to this point, you would not have made it as far as you have.

So now you have a chance to experiment. See what happens when you release the tension. Feel ease in the way you are being around your parents. These are deeply held and repressed feelings so it will take some self-examination to see them. Look for their positive aspects and appreciate your parents as much as you can. Allow yourself to feel their love. Feel worthy as you submit to their judgement without judging them in return. Then, after relaxing your tension, see if your dreams don’t feel better. You can resolve the stress you feel on your own while you are awake or you can do it in the dream state. It’s fine either way. But if you want to sleep a little easier, be easy about your life during the day.

You are loved more than you can imagine and the essence of you is pure love. Be love and be loved.