Dear Joshua,

What is Inner Self?


Dear Brenda,

Your inner self is you. It is the larger, broader, wiser, older, and nonphysical you that remains in the nonphysical while you explore physical reality. Your inner self is your guide, supporter, and trusted ally. Your inner self is you and is not something separate from you. You might feel alone as an individual exploring reality all by your self, but that is not the case at all. Your inner self is always with you, hears every thought you think, knows every desire you hold, and guides you to the manifestation of all your desires. Your inner self knows the intentions you set for this life prior to your birth. Your inner self set those intentions.

Prior to your birth, you as a physical being did not exist. However, you existed in the nonphysical. You now exists in the physical and the nonphysical at the same time. The human you is Brenda and the nonphysical you is your inner self. There is no difference other than perspective. What you are interested in here on earth, your inner self is interested in those same subjects from its nonphysical position. Your inner self is paying close attention to your life because it is the same life. You see your life from a limited perspective, but your inner self sees everything from a very high perspective.

When you think a thought, where did that though come from? It might have been attracted as a match to your emotional state of being. It might be a nice thought when you are feeling good or an urge to change the conditions when you are feeling bad. It might be an inspiring idea. It might be the thought of some action to take. It might be communication from your inner self. It might be direct guidance.

Imagine having a partner in this life who can lead you straight where you truly want to go. Wouldn’t that be beneficial? Imagine receiving guidance in every moment and going with the flow of what is happening. If you could hear that guidance, trust it and act when inspired, your life would unfold in magical ways. However, your inner self is primarily guiding you to what you truly want, not necessarily what you think you want.

What’s the difference between the two? What you think you want is based in lack and is desired in order to solve some perceived problem. Since problems do not exist and your basis is true abundance, your inner self primarily guides you to all the things you truly want.

You truly want to express your love and acceptance of yourself, all others, and the world around you as it exists now. You truly want to experience true freedom and abundance rather than exploring the lack of those things. You truly want to expand in joy. You truly want to enjoy this journey of self-discovery and uncover your soul’s purpose. If you could live life in the happy pursuit of these ideas, you would live a life of bliss. Your inner self knows this and this is why you were guided to these teachings.

With our love,
We are Joshua