Dear Joshua,

Since returning (from the Abraham Alaska Cruise in July) we’ve got into the swing of doing our daily breathings… and we have a question for Joshua here.

Within a week or so of our return, I end up falling into a hole in the roof ending up with 15 stitches to my face. A couple of days later Amanda gets rammed by another car whilst pootling about the locality. WTF? We are struggling to understand the events, let alone the timings! Ultimately we’re both fine, but somewhat ‘shookup’


Dear Bjorn,

The events and the timing are related as you know. You are aware that you live in an energetically charged environment. Everything is energy (vibration) which is organized into the physical objects that make up your experience. Yet the objects are simply translating the energy. The events which are alive in your experience are simply energetic vibrations translated into what you are experiencing though your senses. It is all energy.

A build-up in energy can translate into all kinds of outcomes. It all depends on the participants. Some unfold as solitary accidents involving you and a roof, while other manifestations of the energy are co-created with another as in the case of a car accident. All these events, and all other events, are the result of your feelings. That’s it. You created it through how you have been feeling. You create your own reality whether you accept this fact or not.

Now, that’s all well and good when you create something you like, as in the sale of a piece of work. Yet it is when things are created that you would not want, that you start to doubt your creative abilities. Why would I create this? WTF? So this begs the question, “How do I create to begin with?” You create through your feelings.

“Really, that’s it?”

“Yup, that’s it.”

“What about my thoughts?”

“Your thoughts are the first manifestations of your feelings.”

“So what should I do?”

“Try to feel good more often.”

“But I can’t always do that.”

“Then do as much as you can and when something happens that you like, feel good for feeling good. When something happens that you don’t like just acknowledge it and understand that there was some part of you that wasn’t feeling so good and this is how it manifested. No big deal. You’re an evolving being and you are becoming more conscious of your feelings.”

Now why aren’t you feeling so good in the first place? How is it that you feel good much of the time and not so good some of the time? It all has to do with how you judge the way things are. This is the most difficult concept for humans to understand. You want things to be better.

You have preferences and this causes desire for change. You are constantly seeking improvement. This is how you are wired. Yet, you do not understand that once the moment has occurred, it is a fixed thing. It cannot be changed. Future moments may bring improvement, but the current moment is what it is. You can’t change the moment. So when you see a moment and want to change it, you build up resentment or negativity or fear.

There are only two emotions; love and fear. Every good-feeling emotion is love-based and every bad-feeling emotion is fear-based. In every moment you either love it or fear it. If it represents what you want, you love it. If it is not what you want, or could be improved, you feel fear. The constant and more often felt feeling of love brings you more things to appreciate and love. The sporadic and fewer moments that you do not like cause feelings of fear and these feelings cause momentum and build up to manifestation events that release this energy.

Every time an accident happens you automatically reassess your current situation and you appreciate it more. Every time you survive some incident it grounds you in a way that is necessary. You often feel relief. You return your focus to what is really important. Sometimes you get bored and you wish for a little excitement. The feeling of boredom is a slightly negative, fear-based feeling. It will result in an incident that’s exciting and relieves the boredom. But it is usually an unwanted event. After you have survived the event, you feel relief, you no longer feel bored, you appreciate what you have, and you start feeling better. It’s a nice little system, wouldn’t you agree.

Would you say that you you felt relief that Amanda’s accident wasn’t that bad? Do you now appreciate her more? Do you feel relieved that your accident wasn’t much worse? Can you see that Amanda now appreciates you more? Can you see that these events happened in order to allow you to appreciate each other more? If you can see the positive aspects in these apparently negative events, you are moving rapidly to a new level of consciousness. It is events like these and your positive reactions to them that help you to progress towards who you really are. You are the embodiment of love.