Dear Joshua,

I understand the principles of law-of-a. However I often seem to end up facing extreme contrast… easy to say ‘you created this’ however the question is why am I still creating these griefs? how do I get to understand them so I can let them go and simply ride along with the beauty of life as I’ve always seen it? On one hand the most wonderful situations come to me, really awesome aligned perfect gratitude rich significant life moments, the type that many would only ever hope to dream of, yet then suddenly my reality turns into some horrible jerry springer crap!


Dear Bjorn,

This is a wonderful question and speaks to the dichotomy that is physical life. On one hand you want a peaceful and easy life. On the other hand you want excitement, adventure and drama. It is your zest for life, your quest for adventure and your idea of excitement that causes you to get a lot of wonderful things and a lot of “grief” at the same time.

You are living life to an extreme to which few others would dare. Many are content to stay indoors and keep their life simple. You are not one of those people. You are seeking a fulfilling life and thus your life is full. It’s full of many things you desire and full of much drama as well. This is what you want.

Could you see yourself tending sheep on someone else’s farm, off in the country, alone? That may sound ideal to you at times but we think you would easily become bored. You like to stir it up. You like to mix it up. And you find excitement in that. However, your focus has been on excitement in general. Now that you know how this all works it will be easy for you to turn in the direction of what is really wanted.

Start now by focusing on yourself. We want you to think about yourself and what you really want for you. We want you to be selfish and we know that deep down this will be extremely hard for you. We want you to disassociate yourself with the lives of others. We want you to completely release your opinions on all things relating to anyone but yourself. Do not give a thought to what others are doing whether you think it is right or wrong for them. Only care about what’s right for you.

Do not allow others to influence you. You are the center of your reality. Focus on what you want. Not because it’s right, but because you want it. Not because you do or do not deserve it, simply because you want it.

The biggest mistake humans make is not understanding their worthiness. This forces them to compare themselves to others and create judgements. Allow others to be free from your judgement and allow yourself to be free from their judgement. They only see what they perceive and they do not know the reality of the situation. Understand your own absolute worthiness as you understand their absolute worthiness as well.

Times of grief are neutral in reality. They are neither positive or negative events but are simply clarifying events. As you read more of our book, you will understand our meaning. We call such times of grief “manifestation events” and they have a purpose in your life. Manifestation events occur to cause you to see things from a new perspective and thereby opening you to new, more beneficial, beliefs. All such events are positive in that they give you the opportunity to change. This change is necessary to move you closer to that which you desire. However, if you hold stubbornly onto your limiting beliefs, you cannot change and therefore your desire is held back from you. If you believe that you are “right” in these situations, you do not alter your perspective and you cannot make the change that is necessary.

The universe knows exactly what you want and uses these manifestation events tomake the changes necessary in you for you to get what you desire. You do not have what you want in your life now because you do not posses the set of beliefs necessary for you to align with your desires. These “griefs” as you call them are there to change your beliefs. Believe it or not. As you start to see these unwanted events as clarifying events and as beneficial, you will see less of them in your experience.

There is a lot more that we will tell you when you are ready. You will have to read our answer over and over to receive the full benefit of what we are saying here. Your beliefs are stronger than you think. You think you are open to new ideas but you still hold on stubbornly to many limiting beliefs. We want you first and foremost to believe that you are far more worthy and deserving of all that you want than you currently believe. Once you release this limiting and unnecessary belief you will finally put an end to your griefs!