Dear Joshua,

For the past two months, I have been on a delicious high, having had a discovery of a connection to my daughter from a past life that freed up my co dependency with her. When that released, I got JOY in a whole new way BUT I have been having nightmares (terrors really) ever since. They happen almost every night. I wake up with my face hurting from tightening my jaw so strongly. They are always violent, they are always me trying to get away in some way. I would love any insights Joshua may have. When I am awake, I’m pretty much in ecstasy with JOY everywhere I look. To say the least, it is very confusing.

I so appreciate all this deliciousness and I thank you all!!!

Dear Beryl,

We want to start by saying that you are in a transitional period in your life and your question will help many who are facing the same sort of issues. We will start by saying that there are only two types of thought and they are based in either love or fear. Thoughts based in love are joy, freedom, interest, caring, happiness, wonder, acceptance, safety, well-being, inspiration, etc. Thoughts based in fear are rage, jealousy, envy, disgust, apathy, boredom, insecurity, judgment, etc. Most humans are born with love and learn fear. The transition from fear back to love is one of the processes you may be here to complete.

As a child you were warned of the dangers of life by your parents, teachers, religious leaders and even your peers. Your thoughts became fear based. The fear is often the losing of love. If you love someone or something, you might fear its loss. So you do things out of fear to protect yourself from loss. However, all fear-based actions are typically detrimental to your overall intention for love. These actions are often the cause of your loss of love.

As you are on your path back to love, you have made great strides in your thoughts. You have been able to predominantly think more love-based thoughts and your high flying feelings of joy are proof of this new focus on better-feeling thoughts. However, in this transitional phase your thoughts of loss (fear based) are still present. The master teachers in your history were able to think mostly thoughts of love and were seldom influenced by thoughts of fear. This is mastery and it is attainable for all right now wherever you are in your path. It is not an easy task to eliminate your fear-based thoughts and will require focus and belief that this is indeed possible.

Those who believe that they can achieve more love-based thoughts and think less fearbased thoughts are in transition. Most humans are not aware of their thoughts and see no great detriment to thinking whatever they happen to be thinking even if the thought is based in fear. They believe they are rationally considering the circumstances before them and are acting in a way that prevents loss. Loss prevention is fear-based since you cannot lose anything.

In this time of transition, your fear-based thoughts will start to feel increasingly painful. As you are thinking more love-based thoughts, you are feeling better. In your past you had become desensitized to your fear-based thoughts and believed they were normal. Now you understand that fear-based thoughts feel bad and you now notice them. There has arisen within you a conflict. You want to think thoughts of love and feel joy, yet you cannot fully eliminate the fear-based thoughts.

Do not worry. This phase is temporary. You have done a remarkable job getting to this point where so few humans have been able to reach. Your nightmares are just a reflection of your inner conflict. As you sleep, you return to the nonphysical realm and you resolve your issues of that day. When you have resolved them as far as you can, you return to your body and you wake from your sleep. Your dreams are a reflection of the work you have done to resolve your issues from the previous day. In your case, you have been doing quite a bit of work and your resolution will be coming soon.

Some people are able to resolve their issues with the least amount of resistance in their dream state as long as they do not become too concerned about the content of their dreams. Others resolve their inner conflict with illness, bodily irritations, aches, pains, etc. Some manifest events that are confrontational. However, as you move from a predominance of fear-based thoughts to a predominance of love-based thoughts, your life will improve, you will start to feel better and you will come into alignment with who you really are. You nightmares are just an indication that you still believe in loss and you are trying to protect yourself from this loss.

Your new relationship with your daughter has stirred up some issues that you haven’t had to deal with for a while. You have regained your relationship with her. You had a certain relationship with her when she was a child and you believed you lost that relationship. You never lost it, it was simply transformed. Now that you have reconnected with her you might be having some feelings of fear of loss. You want to maintain this relationship but you fear it might slip away once again.

All you need do is realize that there is no loss. Your relationship with your daughter and all of the important people in your life are eternal. There is no loss. Nothing worthwhile can be lost. Give up your fear, don’t worry about losing anything, and your nightmares will end. Focus on thoughts of love and appreciation and all will be well. It’s just a phase.