Dear Joshua,

I already have a question, don’t know if it’s appropriate or not. One of the pictures that Roger drew has an incredible reaction for me. Like I’ve known him through many, many lifetimes. I will attach the photo and see if it’s a valid question. My question is, what is my relationship to this being?

Blessings on this most FANTASTIC journey!!!!

Dear Beryl,

Thank you very much for your question which we are sure we can provide an answer that will resonate deeply within you. As you gaze upon Roger’s artwork and feel a strong connection with this being, you have unlocked the key to enhancing this physical life experience. You belief systems are open. There are few humans who would look at this picture of an other-worldly being and feel a connection of any kind. It is in your beliefs that you hold the possibility of a relationship with this being that is to be applauded. An open belief system will allow you to develop spiritually in the way that is beyond what most are capable of achieving.

There is a veil that provides the illusion of separation from physical reality and the nonphysical realm. When you are born into this experience you do not remember other incarnations or what your experience of the nonphysical was like. You become fully immersed in the illusion of this physical reality as your senses tune to the vibration of earth. We are teachers and we come to teach the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to connect with your inner self. This illustration of a being you feel a connection with is a representation of a higher level of connection you are seeking. That connection can be found by aligning with your inner self. You are not seeking connection to an other-worldly being, you are seeking connection with your inner being. This picture that speaks to you so powerfully was created to help you come to know your inner self on a deeper level.

It is your inner self who you have known through many, many lifetimes. Your inner self is aware of you in every moment. It is now time for you to be aware of your inner self. If you can begin to listen to this inner conversation that is available at anytime, you will be able to see your world from a new, broader perspective. From this vantage point, your perspective will change. Once your perspective has changed, your beliefs about your life will also change. While you have very open beliefs about the universe and physical reality, your beliefs about yourself are no so open. When you can come to connect with your inner self, hear the conversation that can occur, and move in the direction of who you really are, your life experience will be dramatically improved.

Your life is created from the inside out. The world around you is a reflection of your inner picture. What you think and believe is what manifests. You are on a journey and your inner self is helping you navigate that journey. You are traveling on a path that few have traveled and you are doing extremely well. You are a master creator and your masterpiece is you. Believe that you are the creator of you and you will not need the support of another. Once you come to understand that it is you who is powerful, that it is you who is the center of your universe, that it is you that have brought yourself to where you are now, you are in control of your own destiny.

There is much more we want to tell you but in the context of this question, we have reached a conclusion. Our answer is simply revealing the tip of the iceberg for there is much more we can say that will be of benefit. We hope you will ask another question so that we might expand this conversation.

One thing we can tell you that we know for certain is that you are loved beyond your comprehension of the word “love.”