Dear Joshua,

I’m enjoying having you in my life. There is much love here for you. ❤ My question relates to mediumship. My Mother in law is a medium, it’s one of her passions, She brings loved ones through and passes messages to people and now she has started doing trance work where a nonphysical being takes over her body and she has, on one occasion, developed a man’s voice apparently. Her teacher takes on a hunched old man appearance and talks like she’s old. My impression is that mediums in general are not working deliberately on raising their vibration just on improving this connection to whoever wants to come through. They don’t seem to have any clue what they have been talking about when they return from the trance. I don’t know if Gary remembers anything of what he had said or not?

I have blocked the nonphysical realm most of my life through fear after poltergeist films and the like and reports of people with negative attachments etc. Obviously, I’m a bit more open minded now and I now understand more about the law of attraction, so I know I wouldn’t attract negative things. I am at the point where I want to connect with the infinitely intelligent part of me more deeply. I know in theory wanting it and allowing it / believing it will come should work and I do get some answers to my own questions but there could be an opportunity to learn to connect to your dimension through the mediumship group, although I have no interest in being a medium.

Could you please explain the difference between mediumship and what Gary and Esther Hicks do? And do mediums bring through the inner self of the transitioned family member or just read what’s in the customers energy field? How is someone’s Grandma forever available for a chat when her inner self is re-emerging as someone else? Does the answer lie in oneness that we are all the same limitless magnificent being of love expressed uniquely billions of times and the thought of that person is eternally available as all thoughts are?

Thank you in advance for your clarification.

With love,

P.S. Please can you tell any of your non physical friends who are focused in the UK to boost my connection, ta.

Dear Ben,

Connection with the nonphysical realm is a natural ability for humans. It was never meant for you to live in isolation without connection to your inner self, to source energy, to infinite intelligence, or to your millions of guides and supporters. When you feel emotion, that is connection to your inner self. When you receive thoughts, that is your connection to infinite intelligence, when you feel inspiration, that is connection to source, when you feel loved, that is your connection to your millions. You are always connected, it’s just that sometimes you do not realize it because it seems so normal to you and you aren’t thinking about it that way.

Gary sits down and focuses in a way where he can receive our thoughts and he translates them on to words on paper or through speaking. He is aware of what we are saying, but sometimes he is not a match to it at the time of the translation and has to go back and re-read what was just written. He is not in a trance, because he does not need to be. He believes he is communicating our thoughts as they flow through him and so he needs no altered state of consciousness. In the very beginning, as he started to speak our words for the first time, he did so in a state of hypnosis. This was only necessary for the first few occasions and he soon learned to get himself in the flow.

When he types your answers, as he is doing now, he simply sits down and writes whatever comes to him knowing that the words we use will resonate with you, the reader and the asker of the question, specifically. Although, the questions and answers have value for many other people as well.

All humans can channel messages from the nonphysical and as you have been noticing, it’s becoming more and more apparent that this is no special skill. We suggest the best way to start is through meditation. Esther and Gary (and many, many others) have found their connection to infinite intelligence by consistently practicing meditation on a daily basis. Just a few minutes per day is all that is necessary. There is no need to think about the messages coming forth while meditating. Simply quiet your mind and practice suspending thought for a few minutes per day. When you are ready, you will feel the inspiration to write, or to simply ask questions.

You can ask a question now and hear an answer. That answer is being provided to you. You are receiving thought. You did not make up the answer, but is was conveyed in a way that you can hear and believe. Your belief system automatically blocks some answers from coming to you simply because of fear or a limiting belief. The more open your beliefs, the easier it will be to receive inspired messages. If you are inspired to write, simply sit down and write whatever comes through without needing to understand it or judge it. You need not share it with anyone and it does not define you. Only do it if you enjoy it.

Gary enjoys the work we are doing together. It is one of his passions. He enjoys the connection with the group. He has fun on the podcasts and he enjoys answering questions in written form. He appreciates how it is unfolding now and looks forward to the evolution of the Joshua community and teachings. However, he is not defined by it. He does not see himself as special. He does not think he owns this. He does not feel different about himself. He just sees it as another passions and something he enjoys. He does not think he is good because he can channel us, he knows he is good regardless.

You will not be better than you are when you begin to bring forth messages from the nonphysical. It will not define you. It will not make you special. It might be interesting and you might have fun with it, but it is a natural ability and you can use it or not. If you are interested, it will come. If you think it will make you feel special, it will not. Feel special just because you are special and then your outer world will represent that.

With our love,
We are Joshua