Dear Joshua,

I wrote a quote from Joshua last night on my FB page (French teachings) that I have translated, but I don’t remember exactly where I took it …

This morning a person ask me to comment on it and I’m a little bit in a trap, because I don’t know what to say.

I’ve written it for you (below) in English, but maybe it was not exactly the terms of Joshua but the gist is: “If you have not found your passion yet, this is due to your decision-making habit.”

Could you provide more explanations on this subject please? My members would be grateful I am sure and it could start the idea of helping people finding their passion with Joshua’s Teachings?

I push through my fear by asking you this question today because I have posted this quote that I don’t have “direct” explanations to give to my members (FB Group), but I believe in this quote, this is why I have posted it.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Dear Audrey,

If you have not found your passion in this life, if you have not discovered your soul’s purpose, it is do to your habit of thinking, the decisions you’ve made, and your overall approach to life. Let’s start with the first idea that your habit of thinking has prevented you from easily and naturally discovering your passions in life. What kind of habit of thinking would prevent you from discovering what you love? It might be a thought that you are not worthy of your passion or your passion is not worthy of you. It might be that you think you know how life should unfold. It might be that you you deem certain subjects to be more respectable than others. It might be that you have limiting beliefs that cause you to fear the subject of your passion. It is a habit of thinking that is not in alignment with who you really are. It is a habit of viewing yourself from a limited perspective.

Now let’s talk about the decisions you have made that have kept you apart from your soul’s purpose. We must start with the premise that prior to your birth, you intended to discover your passions and your purpose. These intentions are powerful and you are always being drawn toward your soul’s purpose. However, when you are inspired to take an action that will lead you toward your passions, you have to make a decision. That decision will either move you forward or take you on a detour. If you move forward in love and faith, you will be led to the next step. If you limit yourself from taking action, you do not simply stay where you are, you head off in another direction away from your soul’s purpose. Eventually, you will return to the path and receive another inspired idea. At this juncture, you will have another decision to make. Your decision will either lead you toward your soul’s purpose and passion in life, or away from it. What decision will you make?

For many humans, their habit of thinking and the decisions they make is based in fear. This is because their entire approach to life is based in fear. If you live life as a victim, believing that things happen to you and that you must protect yourself from negative emotion, you are living the old approach to life of control. You are trying to control yourself, other people and the conditions. In this approach to life, where your primary goal is to avoid any situation that could give rise to negative emotion, you will not stretch yourself to do things that do not fit within your concept of good and bad. Your belief system is rigid. Your limiting beliefs are strong.

The way to naturally and easily discover your passions and your soul’s purpose is to adopt a new approach to life. In this new approach, you understand that you are the creator of your reality. You know that your emotions are simply guidance. You do not shy away from situations that may involve negative emotion, you embrace the guidance contained in the emotion and you process your limiting beliefs. You do things that might be scary. You push past irrational fear. You stretch your comfort zone. If you can do that, your passions and your soul’s purpose will be revealed to you, for they are always, always calling to you and they will never stop.

With our love,
We are Joshua