Dear Joshua,

By wanting to complete one of my assignments, there came to me a question concerning the definition of the authentic self.

I want to know, from your perspective, if the definition of the “authentic self” is the same for everyone? (Although there may be variations because we are all unique in our expression). As “who we really are“ is universal (a magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance), is a person who wants to be authentic led to follow a similar path (for everyone) that will be revealed to him or her all along his/her experiences?

Thanks in advance!
With Love,

Dear Audrey,

Who you really are is a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. This is true of everyone. Who you are being in any moment is a limited version of that. Fear is what limits you from being the authentic version of who you really are. Some live in more fear than others. Some live in more love than others. The process of becoming more authentic is completed by peeling away the layers of limiting beliefs that bring forth fear. Any activity or pursuit that allows you to reduce the intensity of your limiting beliefs is a path to becoming more authentic and so that path is unique to everyone.

Some may uncover their limiting beliefs through their passions and interests. Others might follow a path of religion, sports, physical fitness, diet, exercise and/or yoga. There are limitless paths to limitlessness.

The path you choose to follow is right for you. If you choose an interest in universal laws and the discovery of this physical mechanism of reality, then that path is right for you, but not everyone else. If you choose the path as a teacher, you delve deeper into the discovery and processing of limiting beliefs through gaining a higher perspective. Again, what is right for you, may not be right for others.

It matters not the path you take, for even the path of piling on more and more fear (which most humans undertake), will cause an expansion in their perception of who they really are. Of course, this happens when they return to the nonphysical. As some people move into deeper levels of inauthenticity, due to the momentum of their life, they will strengthen the intensity of their limiting beliefs. They will sink into lower and lower emotional states of being. Their vibration will reflect the intensity of their limiting beliefs and their lives will become smaller and smaller because they will be even more limited by fear. Of course, this is not what they intended, but the experience is not wrong or bad, it’s simply a life they do not prefer to live.

The intentions you set prior to your birth are general in nature and are similar to the intentions all humans set. However, as part of those intentions, there is something more specific they want to explore in this reality. And so they set the intention to experience certain things in their youth in order to be launched on a trajectory toward that which they want to explore. Sometimes this leads them to their passions and other times, due to the intensity of their beliefs, it leads them to a sheltered and controlling approach to life. The former is rare compared to the later. The momentum of their perception causes them to increase the intensity of their limiting beliefs because they perceive their limiting beliefs to be true. Since their vibrations are informed by the sum of their beliefs, they gain momentum. Sometimes they sink so low, they birth new desires, but often the illusion of control causes them to play it safe.

When they return to the nonphysical, they will understand themselves from a much higher perspective and therefore the experience served its purpose. However, you are aware of the impact of your limiting beliefs and you can build a momentum towards the lightening of your limiting beliefs and the strengthening of your beneficial beliefs. You can delve deeper and deeper into your passion for learning and teaching. You can resolve your feelings of lack and unworthiness. You can uncover your talents and attributes. You can become more like who you really are while living a physical life. You can move closer and closer to your authentic self. And you can assist others who have an interest in these subjects and would also like to become more authentic and less limited by fear..

With our love,
We are Joshua