Dear Joshua,

During one of my study classes with participants about Law of Attraction and the laws of the universe, I touched a little bit on the subject that the past, the present and the future exist all in the same time. I learned this from Bashar, but I can not elaborate further on this. I intuitively know this, but it is not in my ability to explain more for the participant.

So after the course, one of them asked me this question: “Will you explain to me how the past, present and future exist in the same time (it’s now)? Time does not exist? I do not understand.” So, could you help answering this question from my participant please? It is not really in my ability for now and your help would be appreciated. I hope that I was right saying that, even if there is no right or wrong in this universe… Thank you very much in advance.


Dear Audrey,

In the nonphysical realm, time and space do not exist other than as concepts. They are features of your physical reality and they help make the experience real for you. Time is a relative concept and it might be interesting to look at how time played a part in the lives of people over the centuries.

A thousand years ago in North America, the native Americans lived as part of the land without much use for the concept of time. They understood that the days passed and the seasons changed and they people aged over time. However, they did not have clocks, they did not attend meetings or fill out schedules. They lived in the moment. To them time was not a consuming aspect of life.

Today, you schedule your lives to the minute. You count the seconds. You are very precise with time. It is a very important aspect of your day to day lives. You are constantly focusing on the past or the future, but seldom the present. When you are thinking of the past or the future, you are doing it in the present. The only thing that matters is the present. You cannot do, say, or think anything outside of the present moment. You are never in the past or the future, only the present. The future has not happened yet and what you remember of the past is but a blurry shadow. All that truly exists is the present.

There is a universal law called the Law of Continuity. This law states that one moment will flow seamlessly into the next moment. This moment is a completely different moment, yet it seems like itʼs an extension of the previous moment. It gives you the feeling of time. Imagine a movie on a film reel. The entire movie is on that reel of film. If you open it up, you can look at each frame. The frame before is slightly different than the frame that comes after. Each frame is a unique picture, but when played out on a screen, the illusion of movement is created. This is how time works.

The purpose of time and space is perspective. Imagine a world where time did not exist. You would not age and therefore your perspective would not change. As you age, your perspective changes. It changes a little each day and a lot over the years. Think of your perspective of your parents when you were a child. They seemed so big, powerful and smart. Think of your parents now. The perspective is quite different.

Time is real for you and it is what makes reality so interesting. All you need to remember is that everything is happening now. Every possibility exists now. Every thought exists now. Every idea exists now. It all is available to you now. All you have to do is come into alignment with it.