Dear Joshua,

Today’s question is about electronics and computers. When my computers have temporary problems, (I’ve got 2 around me) — when the system slows down, or a virus or malware comes into my device, does that mean that something is “wrong” in my own frequencies (vibrations)? Can my energy (thoughts, feelings) influence or affect the electronics in general? We are made of electricity, so I wonder what it is our role regarding those systems around us when they break down. Because computers are often necessary in my work, sometimes I imagine that if the computer slows down, it means that I am not in alignment in that moment. Is that right?

Also, I’ve heard from another entity that in quite a while, our Higher Self will speak to us through the Internet (I mean computer). Are you able to confirm this fact from your side? So, these last days, I sense that my computer is fragile. Probably it’s a little bit like me 🙂 Does it means that I should do something else? (Besides asking for technical support..) Thank you in advance for your answer. I appreciate your support.


Dear Audrey,

There is a field of energy around you and all things. As you interact with something, you bring your energy and it combines with the energy of that other thing. It could be another person, an animal, a tree, a rock, a mountain, a stream, an ocean or a computer. Your energy interacts with the energy of the thing to create another new vibrational field. It is from your personal perspective that you determine what the combined energy means.

For instance, if you are in a good mood and you meet a friend who is also in a good mood, the combination of your high energy creates a very fun environment. If you are in a bad mood and your friend is in a good mood, one of you will affect the other. The stronger energy will lift or lower the energy of the other. When you encounter a mountain or an ocean, the energy of that will overwhelm you. You cannot affect the energy of a mountain or an ocean but that energy can and does affect you.

You have the ability in any moment to maintain your high energy or raise your lower energy regardless of the conditions around you. This is possible, but takes awareness, focus, and practice. You can be the powerful energy in any situation, but it will take awareness, focus, and practice. The awareness is key because you cannot adjust or maintain your energy unless you are aware of it.

Now certainly the computer has an energy field that surrounds it at all times, but it is weak by comparison. If the computer becomes infected or gets slow, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. It might be time for a new computer, it might be time for new software, it might be time to take a break. You choose what the conditions around the computer mean for you. You can frame it anyway you like. Since there is no inherent meaning, you might as well frame it in a way that supports you. If the computer isn’t working now, certainly it means that for now, it’s not the right time to do anything on it. You’ll notice that when it is the right time, the computer works perfectly.

The computer, just like everything else, responds to your vibration. If you are calm and accepting, it will work for you. If you are tense and fearful, it will slow down or have problems. These problems are to alert you to the vibration you are offering which is stressful and fearful. Take this time to stop what you’re doing and realign with who you are and what you really want. As for speaking with your higher self, certainly it will come through your computer. How did you receive our message? Think about that. However, you don’t need anything so complicated as a computer with an internet connection. Your higher self is always speaking to you. All you have to do is listen and understand that the communication is always made through your thoughts.