Dear Joshua,

How do I know if life is good because I am avoiding manifestation events, or if I am just getting better at creating the life I want?


Dear Astrid,

Your life is good now. Your life has always been good. If at some point you had not perceived your life as good, it was due to a limited perspective based in fear. If you lived a life free of fear, you could not perceive that your life was anything other than good. Manifestation events do not make your life bad. Those events are neither good or bad, they are neutral. If you perceive any event to be bad, that perception is created from a limiting belief. Without the limiting belief, you would not feel bad. Therefore, the perception of good is accomplished by living a life with less fear and more love.

A life lived in love and acceptance will feel good to you. A life lived in fear will not feel good. That is all that is happening. It is the perspective of love or fear. Change your perspective and you change how your life feels. If you were to see things from a higher perspective, and adjust your limiting beliefs as they are exposed by manifestation events, you would life a more free and abundant life of love and that would seem very good to you.

Your life is perfect as it is now. The only thing that can cause you to perceive otherwise is fear. Fear is generated by the existence of limiting beliefs. If you consciously and consistently process your limiting beliefs, you will feel less fear and so life will appear to be better and better and better. However, if you continue to argue for your limiting beliefs; stating that they are true, you will add to the momentum of those beliefs and your life will not feel good. If you are perceiving that there are fewer manifestation events, it’s due to your ability to see all things from a higher perspective.

You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. You have come to discover who you are in this reality. You have existed as a more limited version of you and your limitations are being diminished as you understand who you truly are. Certainly, your movement towards the magnificence that is you will expose more limiting beliefs and you will face fear. For you to become who you truly are, you must not allow the fear to cause you to feel bad about yourself. You must see through the illusion. You must understand who you truly are. You must accept that you chose everything about your life, your past, your childhood, your body, you country, your parents and all of it so that you could find your way here now.

The intentions you set for this life, prior to your birth, are very powerful. You are and have always been on a path to discover your magnificent nature. You have certain gifts, talents and attributes. These are emerging so that you can discover the power and truth that lies within your very soul. If you deny these gifts, you will endure inner conflict and stress. If you diminish the intensity of your limiting beliefs and push past fear when you are inspired (which is every single moment of your life), you will come to know the magnificence that is you. You are far more powerful, effective, and creative the you can imagine. The nice part of the system is that you need not imagine your magnificence now, it will be revealed to you as you push past fear.

When you receive inspiration, you sit in judgment of it. You say “this is not what I prefer so this cannot be inspiration.” You are mistaking fear for preference. You shy away from any situation which might have the potential to bring forth negative emotion. This is not what you intended prior to your birth. You intended to be courageous and to acknowledge the fear rationally and then push past it.

You will never be satisfied living a quiet and small life. You intended to be more. You intended to teach. You intended to lead. You intend to rise from the ashes of your old limiting beliefs and soar as an example for others to follow. As long as you are doing that and maintaining a high perspective, you will perceive your life as good. When you live small and avoid fear, you are not living the life you intended and from this limited perspective, you will not appreciate how wonderful your life truly is in each and every moment.

With our love,
We are Joshua