Dear Joshua,

I am really chuffed and excited to have embarked on the Bootcamp! And I look forward to attaining yet new heights of perspective.

It is not uncommon for our vibration to be a bit wobbly when we go from holidays back to work, so I wasn’t surprised to notice some little shakiness at the start of the week. I have tried my best to manage my vibration by staying in the moment, ie not projecting myself in the future, and doing things that excited me the most in the moment. Plus, the start of the Abundance Bootcamp had me very excited and raring to go, so a good point of focus to shift my vibration for the better.

However, since I have been back into the office on Monday, I haven’t really been able to find my mojo again. I feel a bit detached and can’t get in alignment while at work. Today really took the biscuit as I felt “forced” (hitting a deadline) to do something I really didn’t feel like doing. I have tried a lot of things to get into alignment, but couldn’t really manage to find any fun or excitement in the task. I have managed to complete it in time, and to a standard I am relatively pleased with. I feel a bit more relaxed and lighter now, but I do feel like something is amiss. It is almost as if I was too detached from my job to care and I was expecting something altogether new and fresh to replace it imminently… I know that it is my focus that is off, and I am trying to observe my feelings until they are replaced by better ones, and analyse the limiting beliefs (“I am forced to do something”, “I am no longer enjoying my job”) to lower their intensity. Perhaps I am making a bigger deal of this than it is, and things will just go back to normal with a bit of focus. I am used to feeling good in the moment more an more often, so the sensation that I am “not free” to do what I want to do is felt more strongly‚Ķ

I was also wondering whether it could have something to do with a contrast between my vision and possible expectations from the Bootcamp against my perceived reality? I thought I would share this manifestation event I am having to see if you have any wise advice, as I am sure you do!

With love and gratitude,

Dear Arnaud,

You are embarking on another program that will cause you to expand and to more fully acknowledge who you really are. Who you really are is a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. Who you have been in the past is a limited version of that (more or less limited depending on the stage in your life you are talking about). You did not come here to receive love, you came to express your love. You did not come here to seek freedom and abundance, you came her to experience freedom and abundance. You did not come here to expand in misery, you came to expand in joy. You did not come here to do the mundane, you came to do the magnificent. When you see yourself from a higher perspective, you will not resonate with lower perspective thoughts, actions or ideas. This is the conflict you are facing now.

Imagine living in physical reality as you truly are, without limitations imposed by fear, doubt or any limiting beliefs. What would you be doing then? You would be fulfilling your soul’s purpose by engaging in those thoughts, ideas and actions that were a vibrational match to who you really are. As your vibration raises and you become more of who you really are, you will no longer be a vibrational match to anything that does not fully serve who you are being. It will feel off. It will feel mundane. It will not be enjoyable.

So then, as you are now closer than ever to being who you really are, what do you want? You must think in terms of what would fulfill the highest version of you that you have ever been. Those old things are trapped in the old expression of your limited self and they still pop up to remind you of that old way of being. They are no longer valid for you. They are no longer necessary. Now is the time to question everything. And we literally mean everything.

No one you know, you work with, you meet on the street or anyone else around you knows what you know. They do not understand who they really are. They are not consciously striving to find their soul’s purpose. The do not understand the universal laws and the mechanism of physical reality. They are lingering in the old approach trying to make their lives work. They are missing important information that you possess.

Everyone is moving from a place of fear toward a place of love. Most will move a little bit along that spectrum from fear to love. Some will make great leaps. That will be up to them. If they desire more information and if they realize that their life is not satisfying, given the lies they were told about success in western society, they will seek more information. You are already there. You understand that living a life without a spiritual component is empty. You know that you are consciously becoming aware of who you really are and what this reality is all about. But you are still living in the old program.

We ask you to use this time you have to question all of your beliefs. You can’t imagine the gains that will be made during this time we have together. At the other side of the bootcamp, you will be forever changed. You will see the reality of physical reality and see through the illusion that others are caught believing. You can realize your soul’s purpose. You can understand the specific trajectory of your life and discover your true talents and attributes. You are much greater than you think you are and from this point forward, more and more of the old, meanings tasks will become less valid for you.

With our love,
We are Joshua