Dear Joshua,

Somewhere along my life’s adventures I stopped seeing a future I can actually commit to. I find myself going after shiny objects like a golden retriever but losing interest very quickly. I throw myself in thinking THIS IS IT.. soon to find reasons or excuses that suggest otherwise and slowly shutting down with tail between my legs and feeling guilty and embarrassed.

It takes a bit to come out of that depressive state only to get excited again, sometimes in a whole new direction, only to repeat this pattern over and over. I think it’s more the depression or major funk I experience after the high that is the hardest on me. I live alone now so its easy to turtle during these times while I attempt to regenerate myself. I have so much training in personal development and transformation but it doesn’t seem to work fast enough for me. I know that if I just reach out for support and an arm up during these times, I’d get out quicker but something keeps me defiantly in this icky lace suffering. I even know suffering is optional but clearly I chose this option. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Andrea,

When you feel that things are going well, you are agreeing with your inner self. When you think that things aren’t going well, you are disagreeing with your inner self and thus, you encounter negative emotion. This is guidance from within. Your inner self can see your life from a higher perspective. It knows that things are always right and everything is leading to your discovery of self. From your limited perspective, you imagine that the next thing is the solution to your problem. You believe that something outside yourself will heal your woes. The only problem with this premise is that nothing outside of you can make you feel something you do not already feel. It’s an inside job. You feel negative emotion because you perceive that things are not happening quickly enough. You are hoping for something to make you feel good. You are asking the conditions to show you that you are worthy and good and you wish for a bright life to come shining through. You think, “Maybe this will work or maybe that will be the answer.” Of course, nothing can be the answer outside of you because that answer lies within.

We are going to let you in on a secret. The secret is that you are perfect as you are and you cannot possibly improve. Self-improvement is a myth, because you are perfect as you are right now. You might expand to a new and greater appreciation and awareness of yourself, but you will never be more perfect than you are now. You have been told to be good. You have been promised love, appreciation and affection when you are good. However, you cannot be anything other than good. The pursuit of that goal is beyond reach, because you were never anything other than good. You no longer need to prove your own validation through outside opinions.

When you come to realize that you cannot be other than you are, you cannot be better than you are now and that you have always been perfect and worthy and good, then you can see yourself from the perspective that we see. We know you are perfect and good and worthy. If you can come to see yourself in the way that we all see you, you will adjust your beliefs and raise your perspective. In doing that, your world will change because your perspective has changed.

There are certain aspects of this system of physical reality that you do not know. Your experience of life has led you to our teachings. That is a very good thing. Few humans have found their way to these ideas and our teachings. Somehow you have made it here. You are ready to receive more. When you learn how things really work, you will understand the folly of your old approach to life. When you come to understand the magnificence that is you now, you will have altered your beliefs. Since your beliefs inform your vibration and your vibration affects and creates your reality, your reality will begin to transform.

Your need to discover the next thing that will fix your problems is not a bad thing. It is a very good thing. It led you here. Most people will never understand that there is more to reality than they can perceive with their senses. They will continue to try and control things, to no avail. They will continue to suffer and blame the conditions for their suffering. They will explore reality as victims. They will not discover their power. They will not come to know who they really are. They will not be very effective in manifesting their dreams. You can change your approach. You can discover your soul’s purpose.

You can change. And when you do, you will not be any better than you are now. You will simply no longer feel the need to prove it and that will feel really good to you.

With our love,
We are Joshua