Dear Joshua,

If we finally “get it” and understand the law of attraction & manifestation in this lifetime, will we carry that knowledge over to other lifetimes, or is it something we have to learn in each life?


Dear Amy,

You are always moving forward and expanding. You never stay still or move backwards. You are an expanding, eternal being and what you learn in each life informs what you choose to explore in your next incarnation. You were born with the knowledge of the laws of the universe, but you forgot. What is happening now is that you are remembering what you already know.

In your next life, you may choose to explore another aspect of physical reality and your knowledge of the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality might be useful in that exploration or it might not. In this life it is useful and you like peeking beneath the veil of reality. You enjoy knowing more about how the universe works. This was one of the more specific things you wanted to explore this time around.

You never have to worry about what a future life might hold because it will all be set up through the intentions you make prior to your birth. You will chose your parents and the time and place of your birth, just as you did prior to embarking on this life. Your childhood in your next life will cause you to be launched on a trajectory that will lead you to what it is you want to explore, just as it has in this life. Sometimes that trajectory leads you right to it and sometimes it misses. However, you will always have the opportunity to figure it out if you so choose.

Once you are here on Earth, you have free will and you may choose to take your life in a different direction that what you had intended. This too is fine as long as you recognize that you are primarily here for the expansion that life causes and therefore all experience is good because each experience furthers your expansion. Once you return to the nonphysical realm after you make your transition, you will be more than what you were before this life and from this new point you will make new decisions about what will come next. You will probably not choose to explore any of the aspects of life that you have already experienced. The next life will be something new.

You might be born into a family that knows and practices the Law of Attraction and this will be quite a new and interesting experience. Or you might choose to be born into a family with devout religious beliefs and from there you might make your way to a new and unique understanding of the laws of the universe. There are endless possibilities for exploration and you have all the time in the universe to explore any aspect in as much detail as you choose.

Now that you have discovered an interest in the laws of the universe in this lifetime, where will this take you? Are you interested in incorporating what you have learned into this life experience? What would that look like? How would you do it? Is there more to learn? Is the learning itself never-ending? How does this knowledge help you improve your own life? These are things we a very much interested in.

You are loved more than you could imagine, supported by more than you could count and are doing exceptionally well in your exploration of physical reality.