HI Joshua,

I’ve noticed that many of us in Bootcamp seem to have a similar challenge. We hold limiting beliefs about limiting beliefs.

Can you speak to how we best can un-limit our limiting belief around limiting beliefs?

Thank you!

Dear Allyson,

There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Limiting beliefs are not wrong or bad, they are simply limiting. A limiting belief will be triggered when you receive the inspiration to act. Fear will come forth when contemplating any action. This is good. You want time to process the idea and the fear allows you to do so. The same thing happens when you receive an urge to change a condition. Fear will also pop up and often this fear prevents you from acting on the urge. Imagine being angry and having the urge to say or do something to change how you feel. Maybe you want to punch the wall or even another person. The fear often prevents you from taking action that is not aligned with who you truly are. Therefore, the belief itself is neither good or bad. It’s simply limiting and sometimes that’s a very good thing.

In the case of an inspired idea, a limiting belief will always be triggered. However, the action you’re inspired to take will always lead to your highest good. You may have doubts arising from your limited perspective of self. You might fear how others will think of you. You might fear failure or loss. And these fears, when not properly analyzed, will cause you to dismiss the idea entirely. Therefore, the limiting beliefs prevent you from becoming who you truly are. This is not what you intended and it all comes from perceiving reality in a way that is not true.

How you create your reality has to do with your perspective of yourself. When you are aligned with who you truly are, you will not be so limited by your beliefs. You will be able to push past fear more easily. If you are consciously aware of your limiting beliefs, you can do the work to reduce their intensity and this will allow you to maintain a higher perspective and push past the fear. If you receive an urge to change a condition, the limiting beliefs will help prevent you from acting on the urge. Therefore, the limiting belief has a purpose. How you create your reality has more to do with the processing of fears that arise and understanding your emotional state of being.

You have been asked to come to a greater understanding of the role limiting beliefs play in your life. You have been working to reduce the intensity of those specific limiting beliefs that prevent you from becoming who you truly are. All of this was intended by you prior to your birth and so you find yourself in the bootcamp. Now that you are here, you are learning how the process works, yet you are just scratching the surface. There is a certain amount of momentum that has been created from your previous approach to life. You are now embarking on the exploration of a new approach that is more effective. The new approach allows you to explore who you truly are. As you process those limiting beliefs that prevent you from acting when inspired and cause self-doubt, you release your resistance to who you truly are. These particular listing beliefs show themselves in manifestation events. They are the beliefs that you must process in order to move forward towards a life of love. However, the remaining limiting beliefs, those that prevent you from acting on urges to change conditions, are beneficial in that respect. It all boils down to a matter of understanding which limiting beliefs prevent you from acting on urges and which prevent you from acting when inspired. Know the difference between the two and you gain clarity.

With our love,
We are Joshua