HI Gary / Joshua / Laurel,

In my reading of our Abundance Bootcamp – I was very moved by this explanation: …” you live in a system designed for the exploration and discovery of Source. Source created an environment that would allow for the full and complete, and ever-expanding, discovery of self. Source itself. You are Source….”

I loved this and it really resonated with me. And then the big questions started up… I am Source. I am here to discover and be Source. Yet, I have a limited amount of love for myself and that is something I am working through. So how does one Love Thyself?

It’s not my hair, my body, my skill, my wit. It’s the Source of me. How do I move forward in learning (remembering) to love myself as Source?

Thank you!
Lots of love,

Dear Allyson,

You are an aspect of Source on a personal journey of self-discovery. When you entered physical reality, you came in as a pure being of Source energy. Along the way, you adopted a set of beliefs. Most of your beliefs are beneficial and empowering and this has led you to create the wonderful life you now enjoy. You also adopted a set of limiting beliefs. These beliefs cloud your reality and make you perceive that you are something short of Source. You are limited in your capacity to love and accept yourself, others and the conditions as they are. You are confused by your limiting beliefs. You imagine that you are not whole, incomplete and lacking in some way. You do not accept certain aspects of yourself. These limiting beliefs are responsible for the illusion that you are not a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love: ie. Source.

As you make your way along your path of self-discovery, you are provided with the opportunity to discover and peel away the layers of limiting beliefs. With each step, you can see yourself from a new perspective. In the onset of a manifestation event, you receive guidance in the form of negative emotion. This points to the specific limiting belief that caused you to perceive that something was wrong. It is the confusion and the illusion. In order to regain your clarity, you must look at the limiting belief itself rather than determining that the manifestation events or people involved are somehow wrong. The fact that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe allows you to comprehend that something else is causing your suffering. It is the limiting belief.

In the discovery of your authentic self; who you are in the nonphysical and who you truly are, you move forward in more and more love. This is accomplished by noticing and then processing each and every limiting belief as they arise. The universe will assist you in this endeavor. The entire system is designed to allow you to conduct an exploration of who you truly are. As long as you are seeking, finding and processing limiting beliefs, you are exploring who you truly are just as you intended prior to your birth. However, if you choose to control yourself, all others and the conditions in order to avoid negative emotions, you are conducting an exploration of who you are not.

In either case, the the exploration and related discovery is valid and acceptable. You cannot conduct an exploration that is not valid. You are given free will and so as you go after your false desires (those that arise from the illusion that you are not whole; not Source), you discover more and more about who you are not. Nothing is wrong with this in any way, shape or form, it’s just not what you intended and it will not feel good or lead to your satisfaction. In the discovery of who you truly are, you will live a life of expansion, growth and satisfaction. It will be more pleasing. It will be less limited. You will still face fear as you are constantly acting on inspiration and moving out of your comfort zone, but once this exploration has begun, you will gain confidence and see the fear for what it is; an illusion.

From your limited perspective, you do not see the whole and true reality. You see a limited and smaller version of your reality. That is okay. This is part of the system. The system has a built-in mechanism for expansion. It’s called fear. Fear is either rational or irrational as you know. When you perceive an irrational fear to be real, your inner self will alert you to your misunderstanding. What a wonderful system indeed! If you heed the message contained in your emotions, you can process these fears and move forward. By doing this, you peel away the layers of confusion and you gain clarity. Clarity is what you truly desire.

The system itself is created on the aggregate to allow for the infinite and unique perspectives of Source. Each and every life form is conducting its own exploration. The animals understand rational fear. In the case of true danger, they receive urges to change the conditions. When they act on an urge, the danger is avoided and they return to a state of well-being, ease and joy. They receive the inspiration to find food, water, a mate, etc. They move through life effortlessly and easily until they are ready to return to the nonphysical. Humans however, have confused rational fear with irrational fear and so they tend to linger in states of fear and thus cut off some access to inspiration.

In clarity, you receive the inspiration to act. In clarity, you realize your fear is irrational and so you are able to push past that fear to do what you are inspired to do. In confusion, you accept the fear as rational and real and this is what creates an illusion of danger. By understand who you truly are, what you truly desire and how this system is designed, you can see your way through the illusion and back to the stare of clarity.

You can then move forward in the discovery of who you truly are and enjoy life as you intended prior to your birth.

With our love,
We are Joshua