Dear Joshua,

In one of their channels, Laurel said that following inspiration will not always feel like bliss. Well I know all about that!

Some 20 years ago I was inspired to take a translators’ course and my subsequent job as a translator was full of fear and limiting beliefs. Then I found your teachings and even though I didn’t believe that the anxiety I felt about my translations would ever get less, it in fact has! Even to the point that presently I’m in a very pleasant manifestation event where my employer has informed me and my colleague that the firm intends to close down the translation department. I’m currently negotiating the terms of my settlement agreement, which means that in a couple of weeks or months I will be free to explore new things!

I clearly see that even though it didn’t give me bliss, it was this inspiration that brought me to where I am today. Without the fear I felt in my job I would never have found you and Gary and this ever growing worldwide community of wonderful and likeminded people.

I’m feeling no fear whatsoever around leaving the firm and am really looking forward to this new adventure. I feel easy and relaxed and am elated that soon I will be free to organize my own time and pursue new interests. I will also be able to spend more time with my mom and, of course, at my internet community. Rather than immediately taking on new obligations, I intend to fully enjoy my new found freedom. However, I’ve also had some inspiration to explore other things and have figured out the first steps. However, I would also like to have your take on my inspired ideas and the situation in general.

I’ve been looking into teaching assistant courses. Rather than immediately registering for such course, I intend to contact elementary schools and schools for lower secondary professional education in my area to find out whether they are actually using – and hiring -teaching assistants and if so, whether taking such course is really necessary or required.

I’ve also been inspired to look into reading to children – as a volunteer – who have a language deficiency as well as volunteering for the Dutch children’s helpline (telephone and chat). The first steps here seem simple. I’ll send an email or give the organizations in question a call to request additional information. I’m still into yoga and am looking forward to taking different yoga classes. Registering for a class seems to be the logical first step.

I definitely don’t want my life cluttered with all kinds of obligations, I just want to take on those things that make me feel good and give me pleasure. Meanwhile, I’ll continue – on and off I presume – translating the Bootcamp documents, then the 7-day course and finally the books.

With love,

Dear Alette,

Think about who you truly are before making any decisions. You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. When making decisions, determine if the idea resonates with the highest version of you or does it more closely resonate with the human and slightly more limited version of you? In other words, are you stretching yourself, facing your fears and moving well outside of your comfort zone? If you are, then this completely aligns with the limitless and magnificent version of Alette. If not, if it’s safe, if it feels comfortable, then this is in perfect alignment with the limited version of Alette. It is time now to realize who you truly are and to think in terms of your limitless nature. You accomplish this through analyzing and processing fear.

You are much greater than you think you are. You are a spiritual leader and teacher. You have come here to be an example to others. You have come to own your true power and act according to your true nature. You did not come to be limited by fear. Certainly, you receive inspiration based on who you truly are and what you will allow yourself to do. When you receive the inspiration, you judge it based on what you think you are capable of doing. When fear pops up, you tend to dismiss the grander ideas, because the fear feels too intense. We are here to advice you and guide you. You must reach for the most uncomfortable experience. You must move toward the things that give you the most intense feelings of fear. You must realize that the fear is irrational. Only when you step into your power and greatness will you taste the sweetness of life. This is the life you intended to live.

Yes, you received the inspiration to become a translator. This job provided you with endless amounts of fear. You perceive that the job was the cause of the fear and discomfort. We come to say that it was your limiting beliefs that caused you to perceive danger and feel fear. From the higher perspective, there was never anything to fear. You can see that clearly now.

And so as you contemplate ideas for your future, you tend to shy away from anything that has the potential to bring up fear. You say that you’ve spent enough time in fear over the last 20 years and now you need a break. Good, take a break. However, no matter what you choose to do, you will still feel fear. No matter how small the pursuit may seem in regard to perceived fear, the same old fears will pop up. Certainly you have done the work and made great strides, but unless you move forward in the direction of your Soul’s purpose (as a spiritual leader and teacher), you will continue to face manifestation events. You will continue to face fear. If you are playing it safe and avoiding the path to your own self-discovery as a spiritual leader and teacher, you will forever remain in conflict. It is now time to emerge as who you truly are. It is now time to recognize your inspired path. There is only one way for you to go in order to become who you truly are and that is by understanding your unique worthiness and moving well outside your comfort zone.

Play it as big as you can!

With our love,
We are Joshua