Dear Joshua,

Yesterday morning someone decided to jump in front of the train on my route to work. After some delay, the train returned to Rotterdam and I decided to work from home rather than trying to reach Amsterdam via a different route.

I didn’t get upset during the delay and was curious about what this all meant for me. Well, I would find out later that day.

Late in the afternoon we received a request for a substantial translation, to be delivered before noon today. The lawyer in question suggested that we outsource the translation, but my colleague – thinking of his family and the fact that we may be made redundant as early as next September – suggested that we accept the assignment. At that moment my mind (persona?) went into overdrive.

On the bright side, I realized that the train incident had ensured that I worked from home, which now made it easy for me to start the translation right away without having to travel home first. But I also felt angry because it all got in the way of my plans and of course I felt fear that I wouldn’t be able to complete the translation on time, etc. etc. Each time my anger, fear and negative emotions came up, I processed them and that worked for a bit until I got angry all over again.

Intellectually, I know exactly what to do and believe me, no one wants to accept the things that come to me more than I do. I want to feel it, I want to feel the acceptance, the faith, the love, etc. I want it to be my normal state of being. I want to feel that it will all work out for me without having to through all the drama.

However, when something like this happens, it seems as if I have no control over my thoughts at all. I talk to them, telling them that I know better now and why don’t we both take the new approach. Of course, I’m doing so much better than let’s say a year ago, but I simply want to integrate this in my being. Not just knowing it intellectually, but feeling it. Feeling light and easy, carefree and confident that the universe will deal with whatever happens for me.

I know there’s no wrong, but I wonder whether I’m taking the right approach here or am I just making things more difficult for myself. Can you shed some light on this?

With love,
Alette, who’s going to do the Bootcamp all over again next week!

Dear Alette,

You are taking the right approach. You felt negative emotion, which is due to a limiting belief. This is a manifestation event. You realize that the fear is irrational and so the urges to change the conditions will come naturally, because you have simply dipped into a lower emotional state of being. You talk to yourself in an empowering way and feel a bit better. But did you do the work to identify and process the limiting belief?

The limiting belief is that things should be different than they are and that if you do not do the work on time, your persona will take a hit and you will be considered by others to be incapable of doing your job. You believe that their opinion matters. It does not. Those beliefs are false and untrue and you can prove them to be false. You can find evidence that proves those limiting beliefs are not empowering and the fear you feel is an illusion.

If you cannot complete the work on time, what does it mean? That you are not a good translator? Of course not. You are a good translator. You are as good as you need to be. Nothing wrong is happening. Are you worried that the universe made a mistake on this one? Of course not. Now is your opportunity to shine. You feel fear and you wish things are different. That’s simply because you are looking at the situation from a limited perspective. From the higher perspective, everything is right. It’s just that you are having difficulty seeing how right it is.

Let’s imagine two different possible scenarios. The first is that this event came to prove something; either your team is no longer necessary to the firm and you will be made redundant, or your team is absolutely necessary to the firm and you cannot be made redundant. Either way, it’s for your highest good.

If you complete the translation on time, it will show that both of you are necessary to the ongoing business of the firm. They will point to this moment in time where both translators came together in order to complete the work at a crucial time, on time, when you were needed most. Who knows when another rush translation will be needed in the future. Can the firm really rely on outside assistance where they have little to no control over the quality and timeliness of the work? Absolutely not. And so your job is now more secure than ever.

However, if you cannot complete the work on time it will mean that you truly are not necessary to this firm and so the fact that you are going to be made redundant now becomes clearer. Congratulations! You are finally out of the job that you have disliked for so long. It will be an easy transition to something else entirely.

Maybe the fact that you felt fear in anticipation of the work and then completed it with ease, allows you to see that nothing can be given to you that you cannot handle. You now have a bit more confidence having processed a limiting belief. When things like this happen in the future, your manifestation event will be milder. You see, it is always working out for you.

Your issue, like so many others, is your resistance to negative emotion. That resistance causes you to play it small and to build up the intensity of your limiting beliefs rather than constantly and consistently reduce their intensity. You are either going to live a larger life processing an ever-growing list of limiting beliefs, or you are going to recede into a smaller and smaller life avoiding any occasion where a manifestation event might present itself. However, if you choose the more limited and smaller life, you will be living at odds with the intentions you set prior to your birth.

The question is not a matter of being completely easy with negative emotion or glossing over manifestation events, the idea is to live life boldly and embrace the challenge presented by your manifestation events. Get more comfortable being uncomfortable in new manifestation events and you will be moving to the life you intended to live. That’s a bigger life than you think.

With our love,
We are Joshua