Hi Gary,

Today I had a positive manifestation event, realizing – I believe – what’s underlying my belief that I’m not a good translator and why that matters so much to me.

A remark on a podcast I listened to this morning suddenly made me realize that it hasn’t to do with my being a good translator or not, but with my fear of the negative emotions I feel when someone spots a mistake in my work or asks me to explain why I translated something in a particular way.

I feel elated, but I’m not sure how this all works out. In other areas of my life I don’t mind at all to own up to a mistake I made or a stupid thing I did. Why does this matter so much in my work and if it’s indeed about my fear of the negative emotions I feel, then why does/did this come up only at my job and then again only since I’ve started out as a translator some 16 years ago. In the 14 years before that when I worked as a legal secretary I never had any problems with this.

Could you ask Joshua if I’m right that this is what’s underlying my struggles at work and what this all means? If it’s true it’s a major breakthrough for me!!

I’m attaching the Manifestation Event form I’ve just completed.

Thank you and have a great day!
With love,

Dear Alette,

Anytime you feel positive emotion of any kind, it relates to a beneficial belief. The belief that you are not a good translator is a limiting belief and this belief is false and untrue. You can prove it is untrue. You have been employed as a professional translator for years. You have been paid week after week for your services only because you are a good translator. Your contribution is and has always been valued. Whether or not you are a good translator is irrelevant. Your contribution is valued and this is proof that you are proficient as a translator. This is true of all areas of your life. You are valued, have always been valued, and will continue to be valued. You are so much more than a translator. You are a limitless being off pure positive love and acceptance. This is your true value. Any belief to the contrary is simply limiting and false.

Negative emotions must be welcomed for the guidance they offer. The guidance lies in the positive or negative feelings associated with the emotion. Negative emotion simply indicates a false and limiting belief. That’s all. It has nothing to do with who you are or whether or not you are worthy. It feels bad only to get your attention. Once you realize that you are perceiving reality in a way that is not beneficial or aligned with who you really are and what you truly want, you receive a message. The message is that your thinking is not aligned with the truth of the situation. You are perceiving a reality that is inaccurate. It is an illusion. It is not true. You are focused on something that is not aligned with your true desires. You are being out of alignment with who you are and what you want. You are focusing on an aspect of your life in a way that is limiting. You are not aligned with your inner self’s perspective. You are focusing on something unwanted. You are exploring lack, unworthiness, fear. It’s not wrong to explore these subjects. It is simply unnecessary at this point. You have done enough of that already.

If you want to feel better about any subject, including your work, you must express your love and acceptance of what is now. You must accept yourself as you are now. You must not seek improvement in any way. You must not ask for approval. You must not fear the unknown. You must practice faith and confidence. You must reestablish your focus on how good you already are. You must accept all others for their opinions which have nothing to do with you. You must release your attachment to your identity as a translator. That identification is limited. You are so much more than that.

In truth, you do not need this job. You can let it go. If it exists, so be it. If not, so be it. It does not matter. You do not have to work hard. It can be easy and simple. It will become easy and simple when you no longer judge your work as good or bad. It just is what it is. You translate easily. It comes to you easily. One word is not better or worse than any other. It is the word that comes and it is perfect. You do not have to doubt the words. Doubt is derived from the fear that you are not good enough. That is false. You are good enough. No one outside of you will ever judge you. All of that judgment comes from within and is either based in fear or in love. In fear, you will judge yourself to be incapable of good work. That’s just the reality of negative, fear-based judgment. It can’t be any other way. In love, you exude confidence. It cannot be any other way.

You cannot make a mistake. Everything you do is an act literally based in love and perfect for the time that it occurred. You cannot make a wrong decision. Some decisions might alter your perception of reality through manifestation events and that is perfect. It is as it must be. This is the system of physical reality. You might perceive that things would be better if you made different decisions, but ultimately, everything always works out.

Let’s imagine you made a “wrong” decision. This leads to a manifestation event and you feel negative emotion. But was it really wrong or did you require the information contained in the event? Of course you did. This is a good thing, as long as you can look at it objectively and see the value contained in the information. You then expand through this event and come to another level of awareness. You also birth new desires that carry you forward. It is all good. However, when you seek to avoid negative emotion, you second-guess yourself due to fear. Again, this is not a bad thing, it’s simply limiting.

You truly want to live a larger and bolder experience of life. When you play it safe because you fear negative emotion, you limit your experience of life. You did not intend to do this and so when you do, you create inner conflict and stress, because you are always being guided to something bigger and bolder. You relaxed your resistance enough to find this information, these teachings and this bootcamp experience. Bravo! Well done. Whenever you relax your resistance to a bigger, bolder experience, you move forward and reduce the inner conflict. The stress is reduced.

Do not confuse negative emotion with inner conflict. Negative emotion is simply the guidance offered to allow you to understand your limiting beliefs. Inner conflict and stress refers to your overall resistance to who you really are. This lies deeper within and has to do with the intentions you set prior to your birth.

Your journey is one of understanding and living in your own greatness. You might assume that greatness means something more specific. Greatness is actually the ability to process fear in order to allow your life to unfold in the way you intended prior to your birth. As long as you are allowing your true intentions to unfold, you are living in greatness.

With our love,
We are Joshua