Dear Joshua,

In follow up to my last question and the answer I received, I feel I may not have expressed the situation presented to me in this past manifestation event properly. I didn’t explain my underlying thoughts. After listening to the round table discussion, I may not have expressed my question to you in the true sense of my thoughts around this.

I have always been a confident person – sure in my abilities and —– the past few years – through different events – my confidence has waned and my sense of self-worth (worthiness) has suffered as a result. This has been amplified by the illness Source has thrown at me to get my attention. I tend to be thick headed! I viewed this last event as an opportunity for me to grow and reclaim my confidence and self-worth. My ability to stand up and say “no thank you – I prefer NOT to work with you.”

Again- over the past few years I have interacted with people who I’ve allowed to drain me – through real estate (and a few other occurrences). I have allowed myself to succumb to the desires/wants of others putting my true self aside. The past few years ~ I don’t even recognize myself. My confidence and worthiness have suffered because of this.

For me – this event touched on those two things – and the event had to be so big and blatant for me to understand and recognize what the gift was. I feel the gift – the message here – was that I am worthy because I exist. I can pick and choose who, what and how I want to work. I don’t have to be so consumed with the money – Source will always provide for me. I can be my true self regardless of the situation or how big the stakes are – I don’t have to sell myself short. I can stay true to those things that are dear to my heart. I want to find the things I truly enjoy doing without worrying about if I can make money doing it. I have done this many times in the past with other ventures. I feel I have “misplaced” that ability and I have been asking for ways to reclaim it. To be able to emotionally detach from the outcome and simply enjoy the ride doing something I am passionate about.

This past event brought forth the thought to me to minimize the negative and focus on the positive to open myself up to new opportunities ~ opportunities that honor my true self. I would love to hear any thoughts or elaboration you have on this.

With love and gratitude,

Dear Wendy,

Certainly, we will express here that you are worthy, that you are unique, that you may choose to explore reality in any way you choose and that way is perfect. We do see some resistance and this is where we would like to share our perspective. You, like everyone, is an eternal, limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. When you operate as who you really are, you are confident, creative, expressive, strong and powerful. When operating as who you really are, you are able to engage the forces of the universe. You are a being of love. Anything less than this is caused by fear.

You are worthy enough to choose who to work with and who not to. You are here to explore reality in your own unique way. You may follow your interests and passions and Source will always provide you with what you need, when you need it. But remember, part of that comes in the form of manifestation events. This manifestation event was meant to illustrate a recurring theme of resistance in your life. You felt negative emotion and this was caused by your perception of right and wrong.

You believe that people should behave in a certain manner. You believe that people should be different than they are. You believe that you have the right to judge others based on your perception of them. You are focused on the rightness and wrongness of other people and the conditions that exist around you. You conditionally love those who you believe act appropriately and you dislike those who behave in a way that violates your personal sense of honor. You are making it all up and this is causing you to experience negative emotion. In order for you to feel better, they must be different than they are.

This stems from your desire to control the outside conditions rather than choosing to control how you feel, how you perceive reality, and how you understand the laws of the universe. Nothing happens to you, it all happens for you. You are not a victim of fate, you are the creator of your reality. Your rush to judgment clouds what’s really going on here. You would not purposely create this reality so you decide that the conditions outside of you are what reality is made of and you really want to control those conditions.

You have chosen the perfect time to participate in the One on One Program. During our time together you will go inside and rearrange the way you perceive yourself, the world, and the laws of the universe. You will come to understand our teachings not as a theory, but as a reality of life. You will learn to listen to your inner self. You will find the true source of confidence. You will take responsibility for every aspect of your reality and you will no longer feel the need to control everyone and everything around you. You will alter your approach to life from one of control to one of allowing.

You cannot control the outer conditions of your world until you learn to create the conditions you prefer in your inner world. We will bring you to a new awareness of reality. We will show you how you get what you get. We will raise your vibration along the way. We will share our perspective and show you how to tap into that higher perspective. We will give you tools to use to work within the laws of the universe. In a short time you will not recognize this current version of Wendy and you will look back and marvel at how far you’ve come.

This experience will be fun. You will be raising your own vibration and that feels good. You will strive to feel good and feeling good will be its own reward. You will feel better and better as we go along. Things will start to shift for you. Everything will get clearer and brighter. You will gain clarity.

There is more going on in these two questions than you realize. You did explain yourself properly. We did understand you perfectly. It’s just that you can’t understand our answer yet. This is quite common and it happens to everyone who is close to the subject. It does take a little time to gain clarity. It usually does not happen in one or two questions. There is a process. You will understand our answer as soon as you raise your vibration. You will read it one day in the future and you will get it. It will be obvious. But until that time comes, it will seem like you weren’t clear.

We greatly look forward to your first One on One question and to the journey we will take together. For now just have faith in the process and relax in the knowledge that Source is bringing you exactly what you need, when you need it.

With Our Love,