Dear Joshua,

I have been presented with a huge manifestation event. For the past couple of months I have been searching for an answer as to whether or not real estate is my path. As I wrote before – I have had a couple of big deals go south on me the beginning of this year. Now my daughter in law’s father comes along and asks me to help him purchase a $6.9 million dollar home. This is all well and good – but – I know this man to be a fraud in the true sense of the word. He sent me bank statements stating he has $10mil in the bank – I called the bank – he does not have the funds he says he has. He has falsely represented himself to me.

The man owes money all around town – he skated out on his responsibilities to his daughter and ex-wife upon divorce. He’s never paid the alimony or child support/college tuition he was supposed to pay AND he has tied me under confidentially to not mention any of this to his daughter. I don’t believe the man is legit and I don’t want to jeopardize my relationship with my daughter in law. I have seen in the past how he manipulates everyone around him to believe his story- and I know the stories to be false. I know too much about his history and he has hurt too many people dear to me to want to help him.

If he has that kind of money – there are many people he needs to make whole. I don’t like the guy – I don’t trust the guy and he has caused much heartache for those who I love. I know there is no way he has the money he says he has – and yet, I considered going through the motions with him because of the thought of a big paycheck. I realize this is a big opportunity for me to grow. I so want to move on with this chapter of my life.

Why is it so hard for me to cut this guy loose? I know this is his reality – for him it is truth and all is good. How do I honor my integrity – my honesty – and don’t allow him to drag me into this? What is the manifestation event for me? Regardless of what others have let him do to them – whatever part he has played in their manifestation events – I want to understand what this has to do with me and my beliefs- what is for me in this scenario?

I realize this is a big one for me. I feel like I’m being played – taken advantage of – put in a tough spot with my family. The only reason I even considered working with him was the money – basically selling my soul to the devil for the almighty dollar. I now know he doesn’t have the money for the purchase – what I want to know is why I can’t let go of this quest for money? Why can’t I relax and know that source will always take care of me?

Thank you ~ with love an gratitude ~ Wendy

Dear Wendy,

What a wonderful manifestation event for you. The purpose of a manifestation event is to allow you to uncover some of your limiting beliefs, which are holding you apart from all that you want. In this case, what is the limiting belief and what is the irrational fear at the bottom of it? You have two irrational fears; they are both the fear of loss. If you do not work with him, you might lose out on a nice commission. If you do work with him you might get tangled in a mess and lose your reputation. Both fears are irrational. You cannot die as a result of anything related to this situation.

Why did you attract him as a buyer when there are thousands of other buyers out there? It’s because you need to move through this fear, this limiting belief, this issue of yours. You are still stuck on the concept of right and wrong. You are still judging, not loving. Did you know that you are he are eternally linked? You could not be closer to anyone else on Earth. You are a perfect match to him just as he is. In fact, your inner self doesn’t want him to be any different than he is. For you he is perfect. He’s coming at the perfect time and he’s bearing a gift. It’s not a big commission, it’s something far more valuable than that; acceptance.

Did you know that you are an eternal, limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance? Are you being that right now? Are you loving him and accepting him for who he is or do you bring some fear-based judgment to all of this? Do you think he is wrong? Don’t you realize by now that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe and he is not wrong either. It’s simply your limited perspective getting in the way. You think he should be different than he is and that would make you feel better. But it doesn’t work that way. You feel better first and then everything will line up for you. It’s all up to you. You have all the power over any condition or situation. It’s all in your perspective. You can choose the limited perspective which feels bad or you can reach for the higher perspective and find relief.

It is not about real estate or even money. It is about you finding fault with things that have absolutely nothing to do with you. You can allow everyone to be as they are or you can fight against what is. Which do you think is the more effective approach to life? All of your struggles, failures, disappointments, unwanted physical conditions, etc. come from fighting against what is by judging what is to be wrong. Let’s stop that right now. There is no wrong, there is only preferred and not preferred for you personally, not for anyone else. You don’t get to choose what’s right or wrong for anyone else.

You have two choices and both choices are right. You can change your approach to this man and see him as right. You can show him homes, write offers, and believe that the universe is working this all out for you. You can enjoy the showings, becoming familiar with multi-million dollar homes, learning some things along the way and learning how to disassociate yourself from the results. Do it because it’s fun, interesting, and exciting, not for the money. Detach yourself from the money and focus on the interesting part of all of this. Focus on the homes, the other agents, the decorations, the views, the amenities, the neighborhoods, but not the money. This is the approach that will make you more money that you ever dreamed of. This is the way to a financially abundant life.

Your other choice is to politely decline saying you are not prepared or qualified to assist him with homes in that price range. You could easily refer him to another agent and receive a referral commission in the off chance that he actually buys something. Know that whoever you decide to refer him to will be perfectly capable of dealing with this type of buyer. The other agent will be a vibrational match one way or the other. The other agent will receive the benefit you passed on.

We suggest you do whatever fits within your set of beliefs. If you believe him to be untrustworthy, then there is no possibility for any money or any belief-altering benefit. Money could not come as a result of holding onto that belief and you could not grow in the process of finding fault with who he is. You must get around that highly limiting belief, if not for this buyer, then for all future buyers.

You must also decide if you are interested in real estate. Are you passionate about the many different aspects of real estate? Do you buy home design and architectural magazines? Do you watch the TV shows? Do you love making deals, looking at new homes, or doing research? Where does your interest lie? Is it just the money? If so, you are trying to effort your way to money and therefore you are going it alone. Do not do anything for the money, do it because it’s enjoyable.

With Love,