Dear Joshua,

My entire life has been centered on music, religion, and spirituality; and in the past ten years I have seen how music brings people of different cultures, creeds, and faiths together in incredibly beautiful and meaningful ways. Several years ago, a fellow musician friend/ business partner and I created a website. It was an online startup focused on music and spirituality. We met with immediate success and garnered insightful interviews with prominent Grammy/ Golden Globe/ Academy Award-winning musicians from around the world on music and spirituality, but had to end the project prematurely due to personal and financial matters.

My question is this: while I am quite happy and content with my life (I feel good!), I still have several, “What ifs.” What if we could have continued with the project, where could we be now? What if we could have served others more through our work? I still feel there is important work to be done in breaking through cultural and religious/ spiritual barriers through music. How best can I reconcile with my “what ifs” surrounding this project? There is always the possibility of a revival one day, but there never seems to be enough time to do the hard work that this caliber of a project requires.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dear Tommy,

All experience is expansive and raises your vibration to another level where you are ready for the next step. There were some fun and rewarding aspects to this past endeavor, but at the time, you were not a vibrational match to it or your partner. You were trying to create something and you received part of it. It is this experience and what you gained from it, that will allow you to receive that which you truly want. It was just a piece of the puzzle.

When it comes to the past, you can only remember fragments. You do not have all the information. You do not understand where your vibration was at the time and what was really happening. You are living as a different vibrational version of you as time has past and so you see these old events from a new perspective. However, the earlier version of you existed at a lower vibration and your perspective was more limited then than it is now.

You think things might have been better, but you cannot know that. It is complete speculation on your part. All you can know is how things actually turned out to bring you everything you have now. From our perspective, it all worked out perfectly. The only empowering way to look at the past is to see it as perfect, because that’s exactly what it was. If you cannot change anything you must call it perfect. If you would not change a magnificent work of music, then you would call it perfect. That which you would not change is perfect and that which you cannot change must also be considered perfect.

Whatever happened in the past brought you to this place in your life. If anything had unfolded differently, you would not be here now, you would be in some other reality. How do you know it would be a better reality? There is no way to tell. All you know is that from this point you have created a mix of desires and a new perspective on life. It is from this very point that you can do anything you are inspired to do. If it is true inspiration, it will be easy, it will not be hard. Hard work is an illusion. Nothing inspired should ever be hard. If you choose to make it hard, that is your choice.

If you want to create something because you are feeling the inspiration to do it, then you must do it because this is a passion that is created from all the experiences of your past. However, you must not think it will be difficult. If you allow yourself to go with the inspired action, a single step at a time, each step will be remarkably easy, effortless, fun, exciting and interesting. It’s your habit of wanting things to be a certain way that gets in your way. You have this idea of what the outcome should look like rather than what the outcome actually is. This is why it is very difficult for you to partner with others.

It is easier for you to be a leader because you want control. This is the thing that’s holding you back. Control is an illusion. You have no control. Things come forth through you; not because of you. You bring forth nonphysical ideas into physical reality because you’re the path of least resistance. You are never really creating anything, you are simply allowing it to flow through you. If it doesn’t look like you think it should, because you are attached to a certain outcome, you feel fear and this blocks the free flow of it comming forth into reality. Go with the flow and learn to become an allower. If you can do this, you will become the path of least resistance for everything in your world to flow through you.

A musical instrument is a tool to bring forth nonphysical streams of energy into physical reality. When you play music, the instrument allows you to bring an idea, a thought, a stream of consciousness from the nonphysical realm into your physical reality and into the realities of those who hear you play. You too are a tool of creation, just as the instrument is. Be the instrument and you will be the greatest creator of all.

With our love,
We are Joshua