Dear Joshua,

My question…..What does Gary tell himself or focus on before he goes and plays poker? I have been aware of manifesting my whole life. I’m 58. I manifested a million dollars, I own 6 rentals and 2 farms. I have not had a job in 10 years. My life is Perfect! I have no bills, I have freedom, security and every thing I need. I live in a small southern casino town in Nevada on the river. It is so PERFECT!

Since moving here I have changed my beliefs about the slot machines. I now know it is my vibration and has nothing to do with the machines. I have been winning and it has been so fun. My only hold up is if I lose then I try not to think of lack, but I do, and then I lose my monthly budget (is budget lack word?). I tell myself it’s ok and that the universe always takes care of me to change the vibe. It works and I win enough to get to play until the end of the month or I bum some dollars from my husband.

My desire now is to win a HUGE jackpot so I can play as much as I want to. I KNOW I will, I have no doubts. I am enjoying the journey. I also know it will be so much more than I have desired. I know that what you feel and think and get are always a match, but what does Gary know and feel before he goes and plays?

Thank you so much for coming into my life.

Dear Susan,

Gary is very much looking forward to this answer.

Gary has become quite aligned with his desire to win at poker. It was a steady progress from a beginner to a talented poker player. He also realizes that while he might not be as good as most professionals, he is well aware of the forces of the universe and how vibrations and fear play into it. He approaches it from a stance of curiosity and when he feels negative emotion, he is quick to analyze the fear and reduce its limiting effects. First of all, Gary separates abundance from poker. He does not play poker to win money (even though that is his goal), because he knows money can come from many sources. In his case, he believes he must justify his time spent at the poker table by winning money and so he does. However, this is a limiting belief and in fact it holds him back a bit. He is rather more cautious than is necessary and as a result he wins less than he could if the poker money meant nothing.

Prior to the start of a tournament he pre-paves the day by setting intentions and going through a routine. He meditates every day and this helps him to align his thoughts with what is wanted. He pictures winning big hands and raking in big pots. He wears certain clothes he knows are lucky (even though he knows that there is no such thing as luck). He enters the tournament with a feeling of confidence and he tries to feel for indications and inspirations to act. He consciously asks for nonphysical guidance and assistance. He believes that nonphysical entities who are interested in poker are helping him; and they are.

He allows everyone to consider him lucky and he revels in this. His poker nickname is “Luckbox” and while this is a slightly derogatory term, he wears it with pride. A poker friend even gave him a “Luckbox” t-shirt and he feels this is a very lucky thing. Most of all, he realizes that this is one of his passions. When he is playing poker, time loses its meaning and that is one indication that a passion has been found. In following his passion, he knows that everything he needs can come from it. He receives information, ideas, new thoughts, fun, joy and even abundance, all from playing poker. The less he cares what others think about his play and his involvement in this passion, the better he will do.

Gary also realizes that he must drop his attachment to any specific outcome. In this case, most of the time the desired outcome is money. Sometimes, he is not receiving money, but rather information, joy, etc. If he allows himself to become upset when losing a tournament, he forgets about the joy he had while playing. He must put losing in its proper perspective. In reality, he always gains something and therefore, never loses. The big tournament win is not more vibrationally difficult that the small win. The big jackpot is as easy to manifest as the small jackpot. It’s just that the big jackpot seems more elusive and therefore less likely. There might be more doubt, but there is no need for doubt in an attractive universe. See the winning jackpot as a very good and vibrationally aligned thing and enjoy all the play up until you win the jackpot. That’s because winning the big jackpot might make the little ones less sweet.