Dear Joshua ,

Thank you for your last response. It was amazing and I appreciate your words. I would like to get more specific about financial matters if I could. I understand that I am not a vibrational match to financial wealth, and in truth I am a vibrational match to debt right now and have been for a long time I understand I need to undergo change in order for me now to become a vibration match to wealth and to climb out of debt. I don’t even have a desire to be overly wealthy… just enough to get me out of debt and live comfortable. You said that I just need to feel good for that to happen. Correct? It is difficult to feel good about your financial situation when the reality of it sucks. Can you elaborate on this subject?

Thank you and best regards to you!
Sue V

Dear Sue,

You cannot want something in order to remove yourself from something else you judge as wrong or bad. You feel the solution to the conditions that exist in your reality is to be wealthy. This is perfectly understandable but completely illogical given what you know about the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. What you hate is debt. What you hate is the feeling of not having enough. You are completely focused on what you do not want. All of your attention is given to the circumstances you do not like. Guess what? From that stance, all the universe can respond to is more of the same. That’s how this system was designed.

It was never thought that any being alive in this physical reality would spend so much energy thinking about anything unwanted. The animals don’t do that (unless they’ve been influenced by humans) the cells of your body don’t do that (unless they’ve been influenced by your thoughts), it is only humans who do this thing that contradicts every law of the universe.

If you truly desired wealth and prosperity, you would be focused on that. You would not care about your present conditions. They would not matter at all. All you would be doing is focusing on the joy and fun of whatever you were doing and the money would come in response to your desire to create something newer, bigger, more than what was there before. But this is not what you do. You are focused on removing yourself from debt.

You consider debt to be wrong. The rich person considers debt to be a useful and very good tool. The rich person is not concerned about the debt because he or she understands that the debt and the interest are insignificant because there will be money to pay for it when the time comes. Without the debt, the wealthy person could not finance his or her dreams.

Oh, but you see your debt as something else. If you had used the money you borrowed to finance a business or a profitable venture, then the debt would be good. It’s only in your personal context that you see the debt as bad. You think that if the debt wasn’t there, your problem would be solved. This could not be farther from the truth. The problem to solve is your current approach to life. The only problem we see is that you are not primarily focused on feeling good. You’re using this debt as your excuse not to feel good.

We say “Thank God for this debt!” This debt and these conditions are here to serve you. They are a wake up call that you must change your approach to life. Stop seeing the negative in everything, stop complaining about little things, start thanking your lucky stars for everything you do have. You are far more abundant than you realize. You live a far better lifestyle than the vast majority of people on this planet. You live better than most kings and queens who have gone before. And you have more opportunity to learn and grow than almost everyone else on this planet.

Until you prioritize how you personally feel in every single moment as the most important thing there is, you will remain in your present condition. This is a test. This is your mission. We know it’s hard for you. We know it requires, thought, practice, belief, trust, and the realization that what you feel is the only thing that matters. There’s nothing to fix. There are no problems. Everything is fine just the way it is. Nothing is wrong. This situation is a wonderful gift for it is helping you to ask questions which, if you allow the answers to sink in, will bring you to a completely new level of awareness.

You are not here to make money. You are not here to simply move from being poor to being rich. You are here to move from being who you are not to being who you really are. As long as you’re on that path, you’re doing everything right. Your current situation is a sign from the universe that you are not approaching life as you intended prior to your birth. Heed the sign and start doing something about it. Don’t just wish things were different, make things different by seeing everything from a new, higher perspective. You are not a victim, you are a creator and you are responsible for your creation which is you and your life. Transition from an approach to life that judges everything as either good or bad, right or wrong and lean into life from a higher perspective which says everything is neutral and I am focused in the good side of everything because that is what I want to attract into my life.

You are doing wonderfully. There are many loving souls supporting you and cheering you on. It is time for you to gain a new level of confidence. See over the top of this little, insignificant condition and move toward what is wanted. Allow yourself to believe that it is all right and it will all work out.