Hi Joshua,

I’m 50 and been doing software development for 17 years, and absolutely detest the experience of working for others. Currently I’m living in San Diego in a $2300/month apartment, and have enough savings for about a year, and could quit and start something new. I can do a little s/w consulting, or I have ideas for fun projects like a podcast, or writing a mobile app. Not really sure. I know that my vibration would skyrocket w/o a job, but not sure if the concern over money would start to negate that vibration. Should I just quit and trust? (and I’m even willing to move to Utah, where I lived in 94, where apt rents are only about 800 for a decent place).

Thank you.

Dear Steve,

You can trust that your reality will match your vibration. It’s as simple as that. Your vibration is made up of the thoughts you consistently think, the perspective from which you view your world, how you feel, your mood and attitude, and your overall approach to life. The life you have now is the life you have created as a result of the vibrational signal you are emitting. Change your signal and your life will shift to reflect your new vibration. However, if you attempt to change your life without changing your vibration, your life will look the same no matter where you go or what you choose to do for a living.

For instance, you could move to Utah and nothing much would change. The environment might alter some limiting beliefs about money for a while (because it would seem lees expensive than San Diego) but eventually your limiting beliefs about money would return and the $800 apartment Utah would feel just as expensive as the apartment in San Diego. You might like being your own boss for a while, but as soon as your limiting beliefs about working for others returns, you would despise your customers. After all, they would be your bosses and there would be even more of them.

What you detest about your job would be the same thing you would eventually detest about working for yourself. Your insecurity over money would cause you to adopt more intense limiting beliefs about money. Momentum would be increased. Right now, in your present position as an employee, you use the paycheck as your device which allows you to suppress your limiting beliefs about money. Without the paycheck, you would look at your savings dwindle and your fears would be intensified.

When you chose a preference for something new because you want to escape something you do not like, you create a vibrational paradox and from this position, you cause inner conflict, stress, and the manifestation of things you do not want. This is what we call a false desire. The desire to be a pop star so that you feel worthy and loved is a false desire because you are trying to escape feelings of unworthiness. Here’s how to get everything you want. Think about what you are passionate about. Think about doing something that blurs the lines of physical reality in the aspects of time. When you are engaged in something you enjoy, you are feeling the sensation of joy and time has little meaning. Hours slip away as your focus is on what you are doing. You enter the state of bliss and this is the state of allowing. From this state, everything you truly want will come to you.

What you must realize first and foremost is that your life is perfect as it is. If you notice things you do not like or conditions you feel are wrong, you are denying that which you have created. When you believe that your creation is wrong or less than perfect, you enter the state of resistance. Nothing you want can come to you in this state. We know you do not want to hear this, but this is the way the system operates. You must make peace with where you are before you can take one step toward where you want to go.

There are pleasant aspects of your current work situation. There are many, many things you like. You are focusing all of your attention on the few things you do not like. You believe that if those things could be removed, you would enjoy your work environment much more. However, you cannot remove anything. You must allow the things you do not like to be as they are and remove your attention from them.

The universe does not know what you like or don’t like. It only knows where your attention is focused. It assumes that if you are placing your attention on something, that you want more of that. Otherwise, why would you be so focused on it? It does not make sense to the universe. You decide what you like and place your attention on that and as you appreciate it, it becomes more. When you continue to focus on things you don’t like and things you think are bad or wrong, the universe brings you more of that.

Start by defining what it is you like to do and how you would like to live, and start appreciating all the good things right now. Remove your attention from anything you don’t like and tell yourself that those things are for others, they’re not for you. Remove your attention from them. Imagine what it is that you want, not the absence of what you do not want and soon you will adjust your vibration towards what you want and move in that direction.

In order for you to become a vibrational match to what you do want, you must change. Your vibration must match the life you imagine. It does not match it now and that’s why it does not yet exist for you. You are a perfect match to your life as it is now. The difference between the life you want and the life you have is your vibrational offering. Your limiting beliefs are keeping you from that which you want. You must reduce the intensity of your limiting beliefs so that your vibrational offering changes.

Now that you have asked for something, the universe begins to bring it to you. The universe will place you in situations that will challenge your limiting beliefs. These are called manifestation events. Every time you feel negative emotion, you have entered a manifestation event. The event is there to tell you something. It’s there to tell you that your limiting belief is not true. You will not want to hear that. Your negative emotion will make you think that the event was bad or wrong and should not have occurred. This is your dilemma. If you think it’s wrong, you are resisting the message and you are resisting the change that must take place in order for you to receive that which you desire.

Accept that your limiting beliefs are false and begin to realize that everything is working for you. Begin to appreciate everything you do like and learn to focus on the positive aspects of every single thing in your life. It is all good, it is all for you, and you have attracted all of it yourself. It is no one else’s fault. It’s your responsibility. Start seeing the good things as very good and the bad things as also good. This is a new approach to life. This approach is an allowing approach to life. You are living a resistant and limiting approach. It’s not your fault, it was how you were taught and everyone is doing it to some degree. But you can change.

Start reading more before you try to change the conditions. Start practicing meditation. Reading and meditating will alter your belief system and your life will improve as you consciously raise your vibration. You are at the start of something new and wonderful. This is the perfect place to begin. You have everything you need. You have found us. Now take one small step at a time and soon you’ll be well on your way.

You are loved.

We are Joshua