Hi Joshua,

I’m a bit stuck on my manifestation event homework for the bootcamp. I’m having a hard time proving false the beliefs that came up in yesterday’s manifestation event with my roommate who moves out tomorrow. I feel like it’s always the same things I say to prove the beliefs false but this time it’s not convincing for me.

I’m also babysitting a screaming baby today and couldn’t console her until a friend came to help who I preferred wouldn’t know I was sitting for this baby!

Siri Radha

Dear Siri Radha,

You think you want to know what’s going to happen next. This idea is not in alignment with who you really are or what you truly want. You do not want to know how everything will turn out. What you truly want is faith in the universe and the knowing that things are always working out for you. This is the basis of the universe. You are always receiving everything you need to explore what you intended to explore prior to your birth. It has always worked out and it will continue to work out perfectly once you accept the perfection in the moment and stop resisting what is happening.

You see that your roommate is moving out. This idea brings up fear. You perceive that the loss of a roommate is a bad thing. You worry about finding a new roommate or existing for a time without one. Who will the next roommate be? Will you get along or will they be annoying? What if a new roommate doesn’t come? How will you pay the bills? These are resistant thoughts and so you dip into a lower emotional state of being and attract more thoughts of worry and anxiety. These thoughts do not feel good. At this point, you have two options; you can find a limiting belief and prove it’s false or you can change the conditions in order to feel relief. However, if you act on an urge to change the condition, it will not solve your problem. That’s because no problem truly exists. It’s the illusion caused by fear.

You will attract a new roommate or the money needed to live without one. That’s simply the fact of the matter. Or you will be cast into some other condition that will ultimately be to your benefit. However, if you react as if this is a bad thing, you will do something that is not aligned with who you truly are and what you truly want. All you will be doing is changing the conditions and acting in fear. It will never turn out the way you hope it will. The universe is always working to bring you the most elegant manifestation of your desire, but you have to become a cooperative component in the process. You have to be willing to regain your alignment by trusting that it will all work out. In alignment, you will receive inspiration that will lead to everything you truly desire.

What do you want now? Is it a roommate that you love? Is it money that allows you to live alone? Or is it the relief from the worry and doubt about what’s going to happen next? What you want is relief from negative emotion. What you want is the clarity to see that everything will work out. What you want is alignment. How do you regain your alignment? Do you change the conditions or do you process your limiting beliefs and reach for the higher perspective. From our perspective, the answer is obvious. You may not realize that changing the conditions is ineffective, but we will offer you some guidance on this.

Your reality is a reflection of your vibration. It is a perfect reflection. What exists in your life now is the perfect feedback to the vibration you are offering. If you want to change your reality, you can either change your vibration or change the conditions. However, if you change the conditions without altering your vibration, the conditions will always return to the perfect representation of the vibrations you are giving. Therefore, nothing really changes until you change that vibration. You change your vibration by processing limiting beliefs, analyzing irrational fear and choosing to see things from the higher perspective. Change your set of beliefs and your habit of perspective and your reality will become more aligned with who you truly are.

You might say, “I fear that a new roommate who I will like will not show up and I’ll be stuck with someone who annoys me.” Certainly, this limiting belief is something you must address in order to manifest the roommate you desire. Therefore, you must find evidence that the belief is false.

I am a being of love and so I will attract a roommate and express my love and acceptance to this person. I am a wonderful person and anyone would be happy to be my roommate. I know of other people who have attracted wonderful new people into their lives and I can do the same thing. I have faith that the universe will match me with someone wonderful. I am excited by the possibility of meeting another fantastic new person. I know that when this person arrives, we will be eternally connected. I have faith that I can find someone who will appreciate me as a roommate. I know that from time to time, they will feel fear and possibly try to change conditions, but I will understand what is happening, I am capable of allowing them to experience fear without taking it personally. There are lots of people who would make wonderful roommates and I am eager to find out who will become my next roommate. I have confidence that I will attract whatever money I need to live comfortably until they arrive.

You also believe that babysitting is not seen as a worthy way to attract money and this is the cause of your next manifestation event. Can you see that the limiting belief is responsible for your limited perspective? Know that your friend showed up just at the right time to allow you to experience this manifestation event. Why do you care what other people think? Why do you feel the need to be different than you are? It’s because you still have not accepted the magnificence and perfection that is you. Who you truly are is a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. That version of you would not feel uncomfortable with your friend finding out that you are a babysitter. And so if you were being the being of love that you are, the baby would not cry.

With our love,
We are Joshua