Dear Joshua ,

I have wanted to be an actress for a really long time now, but just recently I got discouraged and started thinking I wasn’t that great of an actress. I began thinking of other career possibilities that I would be happy with but there is just nothing that compares. I am getting increasingly more nervous about my future because I am at the time in my life where I have to make life-changing decisions, one of them being college, and I don’t want to regret anything down the road. I see others progressing in their endeavors of acting and it just makes me feel more and more incompetent. It’s almost like I am falling behind everybody else and by the time it matters, I won’t be as experienced as I need to be. The bottom line is: I feel like I am meant to be an actress but I just don’t feel I am talented enough. How can I overcome this immense feeling of doubt?

Thank you so much,

Dear Sienna,

Do what you love. That’s all you need to remember. If you love acting, then act. If you love singing, then sing. If you love dancing, then dance. Nothing else is important. We mean this literally.

It is only when you try to imagine the future, based on your current, very limited perspective, that you ruin your own dream.

Do not compare yourself to others, ever. Compare you to you. Compare the present you to the past you. Have you progressed or regressed? Don’t imagine your future self unless that imagination is pleasing.

Don’t worry about money. You cannot see how the future will unfold. You cannot know how the money will come. You cannot see what the universe has in store for you. Money will come based on the vibration you are offering. You have an easy attitude about money that will serve you well. There’s nothing you need to do. When you are inspired to do something, it is the right thing for you.

The way to overcome a feeling of doubt is to replace it with a feeling of confidence. In order to create the feeling of confidence learn to have trust in the universe. Look back at your life and see how it has all unfolded. The good and the bad experiences have brought you to where you now stand. It is a wonderful place. You know more than almost anyone on the planet. You have a tremendous advantage. Use what you know and leverage the powers of the universe.

Focus on feeling good and how you feel will dictate how your life unfolds. Feeling good creates a good-feeling life. You are truly unique and worthy of every dream you can imagine. There is much in store for you. You are as special as you know you are. You can’t imagine the joy that is yet to come. When you are feeling confident, secure, loving and appreciative, you are on your path to that joy. As you allow yourself to feel discouraged, fearful and doubtful, you are temporarily off your path.

Whatever interests you in the moment is there to lead you to the next step in your evolution. Interests come and go. This is how it is meant to work. One interest leads to the next. Allow yourself to flow with your interests, passions and desires. You need not hold onto any of them for they are simply pathways to more fun, adventure and expansion.

We would say that there’s nothing for you to worry about and you are progressing exactly as you intended prior to your birth into this incarnation.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could count and they are all cheering you on. They have one thing they want you to remember: Sienna, you have nothing to prove to anyone.