Dear Joshua (and all),

Before I found out about the teachings of Joshua, I came across the Law of Attraction in books. Quite many of them mentioned the process of thinking from the end or something similar, for example, focusing on the vision what you want, or acting as if you already have it. As I have been absorbing the teachings of Joshua, these processes look now like just another way of controlling the conditions. But there seems to be some truth in them too.

For example, when I get an inspiration and I choose to act on it, I visualize the result to some extent. For example, if I were inspired to build a house, I would visualize it at least to some extent, or if I’m inspired to write a novel, certain outlines of the plot are clear to me from the beginning. So, my question is: At what point does acting on inspiration morph into controlling the conditions, if I try to apply the process of thinking from the end or something similar to it? How can I make sure I stay on the allowing side of that aspect?

Thank you so much in advance for your reply!

With love,

Dear Sari,

When thinking about what you want, you are going for the feeling of it. This is a feeling reality and all you are ever doing is feeling something. You birth a desire and you perceive that it will manifest in a physical form. When it does, you will have the feeling of it. However, if that feeling is based in lack or fear, for instance the lack of money or the fear of not having enough, then what you actually desire is the feeling of security. If you are able to feel that feeling as you imagine the manifestation of your desire, then you are going about it in a way that aligns with universal law. However, if you are thinking of the actual manifestation of money in order to solve the problem of insecurity, then you are still focused in lack. You are focused on the absence of your feeling of security.

In your focus on lack, you imagine that a problem exists. Since you are focused in a way that is not aligned with who you really are or what you truly want, you will experience some negative emotion. This is your indication that you are resistant to the manifestation of your desire. It is a way of letting you know that your current perception of reality is different than the true reality your inner self knows. And so you receive negative emotion in the form of guidance. As you slip into a negative emotional state of being, due to your emotional imbalance and your perception of danger, you receive urges to change the conditions. If you act on an urge to change your conditions, it may eventually lead to the apparent manifestation of your desire, but it has no positive effect on your feeling. You will not receive the feeling of security. In fact, you will receive even deeper feelings of insecurity.

As long as you can hold the thought of the feeling of what you want, in a pure way (meaning it’s perfectly aligned with your true desires), you will maintain your alignment. In alignment, you will receive the inspiration to take action. This action will lead to the manifestation of your true desire. However, in thinking about the outcome of any action or the fruition of your inspiration, you can only see it from your limited perspective. You are not yet a match to the completed version of your inspiration. You cannot know where it will go or how you will get there. This is because you are existing at a somewhat limited vibration compared to the vibration you will emit as your desire is manifested. Because you are unable to see how the manifestation will come forth into your reality, you make up stories.

You believe you know how to get to the manifestation of your desire and how that journey should look. You do not know. You cannot know. I believing you know how it should come, you perceive that it is all working out when it follows a path that makes sense to you. If something appears to go wrong, you then perceive that your desire is not coming. This causes you to feel fear and dip into lower emotional states of being. Again you are receptive to urges to change the conditions.

If you can relax and take the inspiration one step at a time, you will be able to maintain your alignment far more easily than if you keep your eye on whatever you think the outcome should be. If you consider only what you truly want and not what you think you want, you will feel fear less often. If you can place it all in the loving arms of the universe and let it sort things out for you, then you can watch in amazement as wonderful things unfold. You could even perceive that manifestation events are signs of progress. The key here is to relax and ease into the flow of life by perceiving that everything is always working out for you.

You may know what you truly want. Your man-made desire might be in alignment with your true desires. You might be able to hold the thoughts of love, joy, bliss, happiness, and other positive feelings in your mind. If you can, that is wonderful. But if you become too specific on your desires, you will likely feel fear when entering a manifestation event and this will drop you into a lower emotional state of being. It will take you out of alignment.

If you want to manifest all the wonderful feelings that you intended to explore prior to your birth, it is best to go general. You want to maintain a state of alignment. It is best to love and appreciate your life as it is now. It is best to see yourself and your conditions as perfect now. It will not help to be constantly focused on improvement, for that is more about control than love. When you can come to love what is and ease the specifics of your desires, you will live life as you intended prior to your birth. If you can do that, then everything you truly want will unfold effortlessly and joyfully into your reality.

With our love,
We are Joshua