Hi Joshua,

There are many “law of attraction teachers” who advocate using various techniques to attract what we want. Obviously what we think we want and what we really want aren’t usually the same.

Feeling good, processing negative beliefs, living in gratitude and pushing through fear are our priorities.

But what if we really did want a new car for example. Is there any point in scripting, imagining we already have it, vision boarding, using the quantum cup method or any of the other methods? Or are these just superfluous efforting techniques that make people feel like they’re taking action?

Thank you for your perspective on this.

Dear Sam,

What you think you want and what you truly want are often quite different. There is a vibration of the desire within you. That vibrational difference between what you are emitting and the frequency of the manifested form of your desire is the journey you will take. Think of that difference. Why are you vibrating differently than the thing you want? It’s because you are not yet a vibrational match to what you want. Why not? Because the only thing you are ever doing is moving toward the attraction or reception of your desire or moving toward the lack of your desire. No matter what you do, you are always taking a vibrational journey and it is that journey that actually causes the expansion you truly desire.

Imagine that you came to this reality simply for the benefit of expansion and nothing more. Since you expand through all experiences, you win. You cannot fail. You receive the benefit of living a human life. That’s all there is to it. When you birth a desire, whether it is an intention set prior to your birth or a want created from your physical perspective, you are always moving toward it or you are keeping it away. The keeping it away experience is just as expansive as the receiving experience. Do you see that? Therefore, you can’t get it wrong.

Now let’s take a look at the subject from your human perspective. You decide that you want something. You perceive that you will feel something in the receiving of what you desire. You imagine how it would feel to receive this thing you want. Imagine that you want a convertible sports car. You imagine yourself driving top down through twisty roads in the countryside with not a care in the world. So then, do you really want a sports car or do you want the feeling of freedom? Is the sports car your self-created idea of freedom or is it aligned with the desires you intended to manifest prior to your birth. Is the feeling based in abundance or lack, freedom or limitation?

If you want a convertible sports car then why don’t you have it now? It’s a vibrational journey that must be taken. You must somehow become tuned to the ownership of this new car. Why aren’t you tuned to that now? It’s due to your set of beliefs, of which some are limiting. Some of your beliefs limit you from doing that which you are inspired to do. These inspired actions will lead you to the manifestation of everything you want. However, when you receive inspiration, you often do not take action. You feel fear when contemplating the action and thus you do not act. You do not push past fear. If you did, your desires would manifest easily and effortlessly. Therefore, the way to manifest anything you desire is to find a way to push past your fears.

What causes fear? Limiting beliefs. What creates the vibrational difference between you and your desire? Your current set of beliefs. So then, the way you become a match to whatever you desire is through the adjustment to your belief system. This may seem like an oversimplification of the manifestation process, but in essence, your beliefs are not aligned with who you truly are and what you truly want. If they were, you would live a magnificent life easily manifesting anything you desire.

If you want to manifest anything, you must put yourself in the place of being receptive to inspiration. You must see the fear that will always pop up for what it is; irrational. You must somehow push past the fear. You must tame your doubts. You must have faith in the system. You must notice where your resistance lies. You must find and process your limiting beliefs, otherwise the fear will always be too intense for you to push past it. But most of all, you must see yourself from a much higher perspective. You must expect more for yourself. You must see yourself as worthy of receiving literally anything. You must truly accept and fully believe in your own worthiness. If you see yourself as unworthy of your desires, your desires cannot manifest. The vibrational journey is one of being unworthy of your desire to one of being worthy of your desire. Therefore, your vibrational journey to the manifestation of any and all desires is the exploration of worthiness and unworthiness.

With our love,
We are Joshua