Dear Joshua,

Thank you for taking my question. I’ve been studying LOA a for the last few years. I struggle with the allowing part. In the last few months the stress of of my life (job) has overwhelmed me. Stress has manifested into back pain that has lasted for months. I’ve tried all conventional cures, but still I am struggling with pain. How do I move through this pain and get to the other side.


Dear Robin,

All that you want in life is flowing to you, but you cannot see the evidence of that and therefore you don’t believe it. Yet this is the most fundamental aspect of the universe. There is a flow to the universe. The flow is made possible by the Law of Attraction which responds to your unique and perfect vibrational signal. Everything is flowing to you in perfect order as long as you allow it.

Nature is a system of allowing. In nature there is no wrong. It is not wrong for the lion to hunt and kill the gazelle. It is not wrong for the storm to blow or lightning to strike. Everything in nature is receiving, nothing in nature is fighting against. The animals do not worry about food. The animals do not worry about appearances. The animals do not worry about finding a mate. The animals do not worry about death. They simply allow all that they need to flow to them.

Humans believe they can control their conditions and so they take action to coerce the conditions in order to feel better. If you don’t like your job, you quit. If you don’t like your mate, you break up. If you don’t like anything, you change it. This is all well and good, but it goes against the primary law of the universe. This is an attractive universe. Fighting against something, paddling upstream, trying to coerce the conditions, does not utilize the powers of the universe. Allowing what you want to flow to you, easily and effortlessly, is all you have to do.

Now this may seem hard for you to believe. You have always taken action to change your conditions. You have always said something, wished for things to be different, and judged the conditions as good or bad, right or wrong. Your judgment of how things are leads you to believe they can and must be changed. You cannot see the perfection in the present moment because you cannot see how all that you want is coming to you.

The key to allowing is to realize and fully understand that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe and in fact, everything is right. If you can’t see how it is right, you must have faith that it is. Everything is right. The conditions are perfect. The conditions will become the method by which what you want will flow to you. Your resistance to the present conditions causes you to feel stress. As this stress continues, you cause inner conflict and stress on the body. The stress (resistance) you feel manifests itself first as negative emotion and then eventually as an unwanted bodily condition. The back pain is your indication that you are resisting the present conditions.

We will say to you that the conditions you do not like are there for a purpose. You are perceiving the conditions in a way that causes stress. The conditions are actually perfect. It’s simply how you are looking at them, how you are personally perceiving them, that makes you feel negative emotion. You are taking the conditions too personally. Step back and realize that you are causing all of your own stress. The stress you feel is based on your personal opinions which are not necessarily shared by others.

You are too attached to certain outcomes you feel are right. Let go of your attachments and you will begin to relieve your stress. Let go of attachment to outcomes you think are right and your pain will go away. Release your attachment to outcomes and you step into the stance of allowing. This is all you ever have to do. You are loved more than you can imagine.