Dear Joshua,

My partner and I want to move to California, it’s our dream. We are both self employed but cash flow is slow and, while we see things manifesting, it doesn’t happen quick enough for us to be distracted from the things that bring us down like lack of money to achieve our dreams. What can we do to quicken the process?


Dear Rachael,

The fastest way to achieve your dreams is to forget about money. Money is not the key to achieving your desires. Money is simply the only tool you can see that will get you from where you are to where you want to be. However, it is a double edged sword. If you had the money, you could have what you desire right now. So then, following that logic, without the money, it is simply not possible for you to get what you want. Since you believe the only way to get to California is with a bag of cash, if there is no bag of cash, there is no way to get to California.

Your beliefs are flawed. Money is just one way to achieve your dreams, but it is the least elegant way. If you had the money, you actually would not get the full manifestation of what you truly desire. How you see California in your mind is quite specific. If you were to receive a million dollars, you would never be able to create that vision you hold. It would be a gross distortion of that vision. You want your specific desire to unfold in a wonderful way. So forget about the cash, because your vision cannot unfold the way you want it to with money. You need something much more powerful. You need the leverage of the universe.

Have we convinced you to forget about the money? Good. Now we can show you how this dream and every other dream you will ever have can unfold easily without money. Money comes only when you don’t need it or want it. It will show up to support you without you thinking about it. Without the feeling of desperation, money flows easily. But you never need the money, you only need things to unfold in a way that allows the perfect and elegant manifestation of your desire. The problem is, you try so hard to visualize the road to your desire and you cannot see over the little hill that’s right in front of you. You must trust that as you keep going, the road will eventually lead to California (or any other desire).

So how do you make your dream come true? You can’t. You can only allow it to come true. Once you have asked for it, the universe has set things in motion that will create the most elegant and perfect manifestation of your desire. You must allow it to unfold as it will. You cannot force it for if you do, you change the course of events that must play out so that you get the full and complete version of your desire. There is nothing for you to do but become a vibrational match to your desire. You don’t do anything other than allow the universe to change you into the version of you that is ready for your desire.

You are a vibrational being and everything in this reality is vibrational as well. California has a vibration (really, it’s the vibration of how you see California) and you are not yet a vibrational match to what you want. You must be a vibrational match to everything that presents itself in your reality. If you aren’t a match, it cannot come into your reality. So how do you become a match?

Your vibration is based on your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. Change those things and your vibration changes. When your vibration changes, your world changes. You really don’t know what changes need to be made so that you become a match to what you want, but the universe knows. The universe will go to work to change your beliefs so that your vibration changes enough so that you become a match to California. As long as you allow the change to your beliefs and habits of thought to come easily, your vibration will change easily. If you hold on stubbornly to your beliefs, you will hold yourself apart from what you want. If you believe that money is the only way to get to California, you will not allow your vibration to change so that you become a match to what you want. When you feel negative emotion, know that this is your indication that you are stubbornly holding onto a fear-based belief that will keep your vibration from changing.

Allow your beliefs to change in every area of your life. Believe that you cannot see how California will come, but believe that the universe will work it out for you. All you have to do now is focus on your interests, passions and whatever else brings you joy. Leave your fears and frustrations behind and don’t believe that it will be better in California, just know that everything is good where you are and everything will be good there too.

You are loved more than you can ever imagine,