Dear Joshua ,

A lot of changes have been happening to me and family. My husband for the time being has stopped his business which was not doing well at all. We live in a hard hit economic area but my husband as of last Monday was able to find a job. The job does not pay great at all but I am so incredibly grateful for it because it is providing some kind of income that we did not have. The job is only 8 minutes from our home so I can drive him easily and still have the vehicle for my business. This means we do not have to go through the cost of finding a second vehicle. The work is until the end of October which gives him Unemployment Insurance if he doesn’t find another job till this place hires him back in the early spring.

We received a great tax return last week and the expensive tool set he had to purchase for work was on sale for a huge discounted price! There were only two left at the hardware store! My business has started to get very busy. I have had a few new clients and my income has increased. Last night my husband stated that our luck seems to finally have turned around and things seem to be working out for us.

My question to you is this turn of events in our life due to my daily appreciation of everything and doing my very best to not complain about anything? Some days I feel so incredibly grateful that I break down into tears. Not sad tears but happy ones.

Even though I am not yet where I really want to be which is in our very own home and new vehicle I do my very best to love where I am. Joshua just today I found out that someone I know purchased a beautiful home that I would certainly love to have. Is this showing me that my dream home is on the way?? I make sure I am happy for them since in the past I would have felt resentment, fear or jealously.

With love and appreciation,


Dear Pamela,

You are a vibrational match to the conditions you find yourself in. If the conditions are not pleasing to you, it means that you are approaching life in a way that does not allow what you want to naturally flow to you. As you see that the conditions are improving, it means you are starting to approach life in a way that is beneficial. It is always you who controls the conditions. You are starting to see things as good and good things are coming. Before you saw things as wrong and from that stance, the conditions could not improve. As long as you believe that everything now is right and good and you allow yourself to believe your desires will come, then things will improve on their own. When you get impatient or see things as not improving fast enough, you stall your progress.

We would say you are doing marvelously. You have switched your attitude from one of a victim where things happen to you, to one of empowerment where all things happen for you. Your approach to your husband changed enough to allow him to see what was most important to him. Your approach to your business has changed from one of impatience to more patience. Your approach to money has changed from trying to see where it’s going to come from to relaxing and understanding that it will come and you do not need to know from where it comes.

The more often you feel grateful and appreciate what you have, the more often you’ll be in the state of allowing what you want to come to you. The more often you consider how unlucky you are and how things should be different, the more often you create an environment which keeps you in the state of resistance. Seeing that the conditions, whatever they may be, are right puts you in the state of allowing. Seeing that the conditions are wrong creates a state of resistance. There’s nothing for you to do but allow. Be an allower and everything will come. Master the state of allowing and you become a master manifestor. You have been resistant most of your life. If you can turn that around, you’ll receive more of what you truly want.

So, Bravo to you for making great progress in such a short period of time. There’s more room to allow and some resistance to clear up, but you’re on the right path. Good things are coming so keep you eyes open and enjoy what you are creating. The feeling of going from resistance to allowing will continue to bring you tears of joy.