Dear Joshua,

For the past couple of months I have been feeling very very happy. I am appreciating everything and hardly ever seem to feel anxiety like I used to. Nice manifestations are slowly making their way into my experience such as my closet is now full of beautiful clothes and different people from friends to clients are giving me gorgeous things for my home.

The question I have is every time I look at the clock for many weeks now the numbers are lined up. For example I will look at the clock and it will say 4:44 or 3:45 or 12:12. Most nights I awaken look at the clock and it says 5:55 or 3:33. Another thing I am witnessing is when taking my dog for a walk a lot of wild life such as coyotes, foxes and beautiful birds are showing themselves to me.

Are all of these things signs from the Universe that I am in alignment? I hope so. Everyday I just practice as best I can to feel good and appreciate everything. I hope these are signs that my dreams are going to come to pass like owning our own home, my husband making his business work or even just getting a new vehicle.

Thank you
Love and Appreciation

Dear Pamela,

You have a vibration which emits a frequency that is heard by the universe. In your vibration is everything that you want; all of your dreams, desires and aspirations. Included in that vibration is all of the things you fear, do not like, and do not enjoy. Your vibration is a mix of wanted and unwanted. As you begin to understand our words, you clarify that vibration.

We must say that this analogy of your vibration is just an analogy. The universe doesn’t care about the things you don’t like; you do. The universe doesn’t care about your fears for they are your fears. The universe is bringing you everything you want, it’s just that sometimes you’re more focused on what you don’t want. The universe will bring you what you want, but sometimes you have a little fear that prevents you from going along with the ride.

As you ease your fears and remove focus from the things you consider to be wrong, you allow more to come to you. You can easily see that you are beginning to allow the little things to come because there is less resistance around those things. You enjoy and appreciate easy thing and they are starting to come easily. It’s the big things that are hard for most people.

You are beginning to consider how you feel. You are starting to realize that how you feel is important and you are realizing that feeling good will lead to more good-feeling experiences. Feeling good has its benefits. As you demand to feel good more often, you will come into alignment with who you really are and what you really want more often. In these moments you will receive communication from your inner self. Your inner self is always communicating with you, yet depending on how you feel, you either receive or block that communication. When you feel good, you have an opportunity to receive the communication.

The communication often starts with your attention to numbers. When the numbers are in alignment, your inner self will nudge you to look at the clock. The significance of the aligned numbers means you are in alignment and therefore you are now receiving communication from inside. This is the first step.

If you continue to work on feeling good more often, you will begin to receive more communication from your inner self. If your inner self can alert you to notice the time when it is in alignment, what else do you suppose your inner self can help you see? If your inner self can get you to notice the clock at the exact right timing, maybe your inner self can alert you to all sorts of things that you might otherwise miss. If you can be feeling good more of the time, you will be in the state of allowing and then your inner self will have more chances to alert you to act in ways that will move you toward the reality you prefer.

You have no resistance when inspiration causes you to look at the clock. This is an easy one. Can you ease your resistance when you are inspired to take certain actions? Can you ease your fear about doing certain things you are inspired to do? When you receive an inspired idea, can you go pursue that idea a while before you give up and discount it as foolish? You are receiving ideas and thoughts all the time, yet your fears and self doubt keep you from exploring them further. You are urged to go in certain directions, but you resist this because you believe the ideas come from you and therefore they are less valid. When you realize that the thoughts and ideas you receive in times of alignment are coming from infinite intelligence for your specific benefit, you can move forward without fear or resistance. These ideas do not spring forth from your mind, they are gifts sent from nonphysical. Open more of these gifts and take action when inspired and your reality will shift even more.

You are loved.