Dear Joshua,

My question to you today is something that I have wondered for a long time and lately for some reason I ponder it quite a bit.

When a person comes into money or great wealth such as an inheritance or financial windfall say the lottery are they obligated to give some of this money to friends and family?

Since I have been on this leading edge discovery if someone close to me came into a great deal of money I would not expect a dime from them. I would see it as they have totally aligned themselves with this abundance and it really is none of my business. I know that most family and friends would want some of it and would be very upset if nothing was given to them.

It’s such a tricky thing especially when guilt comes into play so I just wondered what is right in spiritual terms

Thank you.

With love and appreciation

Dear Pamela,

Whatever comes to you, whether it is money, love, health, or even a physical object, comes as a result of your vibration. if you have it in your life, you have it because your vibration matches it. If you do not have something you want, then it’s only because your vibration is not a match to it. It’s as simple as that.

If you want money and do not have it, it’s because there’s something in your vibration, or in your habit of thought, or in your belief system (it’s all the same), that keeps the money from naturally flowing to you. If you have money, then there’s something in your vibration, your habit of thought and your belief system that allows it to flow to you in the exact amount you believe it can and should. There are people on this planet who are richer than you and there are those who are poorer. In fact, on Earth at this time there has never been a wider spectrum of wealth and poverty and everyone places themselves within that spectrum based on their own vibrational allowance.

Now, you believe that you must know where the money will come from before it comes, and this is self-defeating. You cannot know how it comes, for if you believe you must know then you automatically block all of the other paths and this makes it much, much harder for the money to flow.

Imagine that your friend came into a large sum of money and you had a desire for money. You might think that the money could or should come from your friend. This is a new path for money that you hadn’t previously thought of and so you’ve allowed a new path to open up. The money will come if you allow it, and this might be the path of least resistance. If you allow the money to come as a gift from a friend, then this is a perfectly good path for the money to travel. However, if you resent your friend for doing nothing to get the money, or if you believe he or she should give you a certain amount of money, you are actually blocking the money as well as altering your vibration in regards to your friendship. Since all that exists in your life is based on the vibration you are emitting, when you alter your vibration, you run the risk of removing your friend from your reality.

So what we would do is look at the subject just as you are looking at it. Be happy for your friend and realize that they have aligned with the money even though it may be temporary. We see this temporary alignment happening all the time. It’s just as easy to fall out of alignment with money as it is to be aligned with it and so often you see people lose their money in the most fascinating ways. If we came into great wealth we would not dole it out to those who came calling without realizing where their vibration was and where our vibration was. Guilt would not play a factor because we do not feel such things. We understand that everything is vibrational and whether it comes or not is based on the frequency of our own vibration. We would work on maintaining the vibration of love, well-being and understanding.

With great love.