Dear Joshua,

In the past weeks I’ve been eider reading in your books or listening in the Joshua Live and Round Tablet podcasts the same message of just pursuing your inspiration and not doing what you don’t want to do, and I must say it sounds very appealing and fun. Whenever I read or hear this, I get exited and full of energy. But, in my day to day life, I keep encountering myself with a lot!!! of tasks that I need to do and definitely don’t enjoy; just to be able to keep my life going.

I would love to be able to be surrounded by nature all day, riding my mountain bike and riding my motorcycle, but I need to work in an office so that I can earn money to be able to do these things I love on the weekends. I have been trying to see my work as a game so that I can enjoy it more, and I can recognize a lot of positive and enjoyable moments in my day, but at the end of the day I’m still frustrated for not being true to myself and at night I can feel a lot of little aches in my body due to stress.

My question is how can I balance doing what inspires me and only what makes me happy and sounds fun while still having to earn money on a month to month basis to continue paying all of my expenses. I’m finding it very difficult to take a leap of faith to just do fun things and not do what I don’t want to do and let the universe take care of it and just enjoy. Please guide on how can I approach this process, that for now has only opened my eyes to how mistaken is my approach to live right now.


Dear Pablo,

You have not made any mistakes. You have created a wonderful life rich with things you enjoy doing. You have found your passion and in doing so you are truly successful. Nothing is wrong; everything is perfect.

You have the perfect job that allows you the freedom and channel of abundance so that you can do those things you love and are passionate about. Many, many people cannot say this. While we understand that you would prefer to pursue your passion full-time and leave your job behind, is this really true? You believe you have a lot to do, but is that really true? You believe that your life is stressful, but is that really true? Think about it for a moment. You imagine your life would be better if you could do nothing but do the things you want to do, but is that really true?

Most people would agree that if they won the lottery or inherited a fortune, that their lives would be better. We disagree. You see, you came here to pursue your passions, that is true. But you also came to experience many other aspects of physical reality. It is wonderful that you have passions to follow, but everything else in your life is just as wonderful.

What you really want is relief from stress. You imagine riding your bike and that is a stress-free feeling. You imagine yourself at work and that is a stressful feeling. What if there was no stress at work? What if work was stress-free? Wouldn’t that be better? Wouldn’t you enjoy work so much more? Without the stress, work could actually be quite fun and interesting.

Do you know that all stress is self-imposed? There is no stress at work other than the stress you create. Your bosses, your co-workers, and all the other people surrounding you at work have no ability to create in your reality. You create your own reality. That means they cannot cause you stress. All they can do is influence you to create your own stress. So now you must ask yourself the question; “Why do I create my own stress?”

The simplest answer is that you are fooled by the illusion of physical reality and this creates fear. But the fear is irrational. It is not real. You think there are consequences for your actions. There are not. You think bad things can happen to you like being reprimanded or fired. These are not bad things. If they were to happen they would be good things. You think that being fired or reprimanded would look bad on your resume. That would never matter to the right future employer. These fears are irrational because whatever happens would be for your highest good.

What you are trying to do is control the outside conditions by behaving in a way that keeps your bosses, co-workers, and those around you happy. You are afraid of their emotions. They are trying to control you at the same time. This means that every single decision you make must cause stress, because there is fear attached to it all. You are stuck in a sinkhole from which there is no escape other than quitting your job.

Here’s how we would look at the situation if we were you:

“I am truly grateful for this job I manifested. It was a perfect vibrational match for me at the time I was hired. It is a vibrational match to me now because it currently exists in my reality. When it no longer exists in my reality, it will no longer be a vibrational match. If it is here, then it is a match and when it is not here, it is no longer a match. I am not in control of whether this job is a match to me or not. It is not up to me, it is up to the universe. When I am ready for something new, something will happen and I’ll be okay with that when the time comes. Until then my only work is to feel good.”

“When I feel good, I will be inspired to take actions that are to my benefit and the benefit of all involved. I will know what to say and what to do. However, if I do not feel good, then I will be much less receptive to inspiration. I will be in a resistant state and what I want will not flow easily to me. Therefore my only work is to feel good.”

“When I feel stress, I do not feel good. Why do I feel this stress? Because I am trying to control everything and everyone around me. I am attached to certain outcomes that I feel are good and I am trying to avoid certain outcomes I feel are bad. I know I must release my attachment to any of it and instead leave it all up to the universe to sort out. The only thing I can do is play my part and enjoy the ride. I must set it all up so that it is enjoyable.”

“This job really is enjoyable and interesting. I can find things that are interesting and enjoyable. I can learn things about myself while working at this job. I can identify fears and prove they’re false. I can practice taking the higher perspective. I can practice allowing everyone to be as they are. I can start accepting others. I can express my love. I can delve deeper into this job and lean forward free from fear. I have nothing to fear because as long as I’m a match to this job, it will be here and when it is no longer necessary, it will go away. Therefore, I am free to focus on what interests me and leave the rest behind.”

We know that this is not how you are currently approaching life. You are trying to make things happen rather than allowing things to happen. We understand this. But this is the cause of your stress. Without stress, you would be happier. Since you create 100% of the stress in your life, why not take it easier? Why not trust that we can see things from a much higher perspective? We can see you and your life. Things are going so well, yet you are taking a much lower perspective on your life. If you could be your authentic self free from fear, you would relieve all your stress and in doing so, your life would explode.

With our love,
We are Joshua