Hi Joshua,

My question is regarding a subject I am stuck with which feels slightly strange now that I’m putting it down in writing as I do believe myself to be a really great manifester (manifestor?) of both smaller and bigger “things”. I have proof of this every day.

Over the past 8 years since my previous business collapsed into bankruptcy and I went through what I thought then was a painful divorce I have now manifested a beautiful new wife and together we have bought a dream house for cash with no borrowing in an area where I never thought I could afford to live. My quest in 2018 is to finally understand LOA completely and my journey has brought you into my life just to finish off the last few outstanding parts of the puzzle. I have watched Abraham for the last 3 years but your teachings have explained the whole process to a much greater (and clearer) degree.

The only thing that frustrates me now is the lack of progress in my business. I started it 8 years ago and despite my constant efforts it is still not producing the kind of profits that I know it can. I want it to produce at least 5 times what it is doing at the moment so my wife can give up work completely and indulge in her hobbies full time and also have enough money for my son to join me in the business. This business was developed from a hobby of mine so I do really enjoy the work.

I understand that I am stopping this progress in some way but I am struggling to figure out what I am doing wrong? I also suffer from procrastination while in the office at work – is this connected somehow?

While writing this I am wondering whether a one-to-one hour long Skype session would be a better solution for me? I will let you decide!

Awaiting your thoughts with eager anticipation.
Best wishes – Nick

Dear Nick,

A business that starts off as a hobby is a wonderful thing because it is perfectly aligned with universal law. The business is based in love. In the beginning, you do the work for the love of the work. You are not attached to any specific outcome because it’s just a hobby after all. It does not define you, it’s simply fun. If it is a passion of yours, so much the better.

Once the business is off and running, you become attached to specific outcomes. You then try to wrangle all of your desires from this thing you started as a hobby. It is now a business and so you assume that all of your financial abundance must come from this business. It’s like the goose that laid the golden egg. The only issue is this particular goose is not laying eggs fast enough. Therefore, you now have a problem with your goose, where before you had the goose, you did not have this problem.

You would like to “Manifest” all of these things you think you want. You want to “Create” your dream life. However, you’re operating under a false premise. In reality, what you think you want is quite different than what you truly want. Don’t worry, we have a solution for you: forget all the things you think you want and just do what you are interested in doing in the moment. This will also solve your procrastination problem. If you are only doing what you are interesting in doing in each moment, you cannot procrastinate because the thing you are avoiding is simply not interesting enough. If it is not interesting in this moment, if it’s not fun, challenging, exciting or rewarding, it’s not the right time to do it.

You have a desire to earn enough money so that your wife can quit her job. This is an example of what you think you want rubbing up against what you truly want. Let’s imagine that your wife says to you that if she could quit her job she would be so much happier. You see a problem. You perceive that the solution to the problem is more money. However, what if it is not in your wife’s highest good to quit her job? What if it is not for your highest good? You want your son too work in the business. Are you creating in his reality? Since that is not possible, it is highly likely that he is on another path. There’s no way to tell, is there? You don’t have enough information.

We say, let the universe figure it out for you. Be more general in your desires. Think of the intentions you set prior to coming into this reality. You set the intention to express your love, to live an abundant life in pure freedom, and to expand in joy. If that was your life, could it be any better? Doer’s want to make things happen. They want to manifest that which they believe will make them happy. However, that’s the old approach to life. Be happy with how everything is now, including your business, and you will attract more and more happy experiences. You do not want more money, you want more life. You are currently receiving everything you need to live life as you intended. You are simply resisting it. Give up the resistance and focus on what makes you personally feel good.

Don’t try to change the conditions, change your entire approach to life. If you can do this, if you can allow inspiration to come, if you can understand that it’s your reaction to the conditions that make you feel good or bad, you can choose your reactions. So start thinking more about how you feel as you react to the conditions. Change your perception, not the conditions and then sit back and watch everything unfold in a manner that will truly thrill and satisfy every cell in your body. In other words, become and allower, as Abraham would say.

With our love,
We are Joshua