Hello Joshua,

This is my first question after 2 years of reading your books and listening to Joshua Live!! How exciting!! For many years I have been trying to become a full-time day-trader. When I first found out about this endeavour I had a sense of incredible excitement!! This was a career that had unlimited freedom and income potential, something I could do from a laptop anywhere in the world!! That was in 2003 and I dove in reading books and studying for many, many hours. I had a lot of fear and didn’t start trading until 2011. Since then I have learned so much about trading and myself. I have had many successful trades, and winning days but overall I have not made money.

I realize now that I had a false desire to become wealthy, that was based in my feelings of insecurity. I also had so much fear rooted in my beliefs in my unworthiness. I feel like I have overcome many of these irrational fears and limiting beliefs thanks to you and your guidance. I am at a place of considering whether to start trading again. However I still have some lingering doubts whether this is the right path for me. I believe it is because it will allow me to pursue my true desires and passions in life; to experience freedom and abundance. Which, as I am writing this, I realize I can experience right now! My question is this; Am I on the right path, is this the right thing to pursue? Will I ever be successful at it? Thank you for everything!!


Dear Morgan,

Prior to your birth into this incarnation as Morgan, you set your intentions for what you wanted to experience in this lifetime. Your intentions were mostly general in nature. You intended to experience love, joy, freedom, abundance, interest, excitement, passion, etc. You might also have intended to explore some facet of physical reality in more detail. This more specific intention is contained in your interests and passions. You chose your parents, your body, and the time and place of your birth so that you could be launched on a trajectory that would lead to the likelihood that your intentions would manifest into your reality. One thing you certainly did not intend was to be a day trader.

No one has ever set an intention so specific that they would be a day trader. They might intend to be interested in commerce, or finance, or scientific discovery, or teaching, or camaraderie, etc. If you believe that something specific is needed for you to explore physical reality as you had intended, it’s more likely that you are trying to make things happen rather than to allow them to happen. You have a desire for freedom. You want the money and time to do whatever you want to do when you want to do it. You look around and you try to figure out how to make that happen. In this attempt to control the conditions, you choose an approach to life that does not work within the laws of the universe. This approach is resistant in nature. In order to receive all that you intended prior to your birth, you must give up on everything you think you want and simply maintain your alignment so that you allow these intentions to unfold. That is the new approach to life that works in unison with universal laws.

Yes, you have lived your life and you have defined your preferences. You have adopted beliefs. Some of them are beneficial and some of them are limiting. You have a certain beliefs about who you are and what is possible for you and these beliefs create your expectations. Your vibration is formed from the beliefs you hold, the desires you have created and the fears that live inside you. You do not create anything you truly want by going out and getting it. You create by maintaining alignment in the moment. When you are in alignment, you will be moved into situations that bring up fear and expose your limiting beliefs. This brings you out of alignment. These situations are called manifestation events.

The manifestation event is part of the process of alignment. You are in a state of alignment and something happens in your reality that causes you to come out of alignment. Let’s say that you make a trade and lose money. If you feel negative emotion, you have entered a manifestation event. That is the sign that you have a limiting belief. If you did not have a limiting belief, you would not have felt negative emotion at the loss of the money. The limiting belief is that money is real, that it is finite, and that you are not infinitely abundant, nor do you have the power to consistently create the wealth you need to be free. Do you see that the day trading is a means to an end? Is it your passion? Are you able to explore reality as you intended through the act of day trading? Maybe yes, and maybe no.

In alignment, you will be guided to your true interests and passions. In these subjects, lie that which will lead you to the exploration of physical reality as you intended. In the area of day trading, there are three types of people. There are the failures who will never make money. They are simply trying to alter their conditions so that they can feel good. There are the winners. They feel intense negative emotion when they lose money and so they do whatever it takes to make money. They might appear financially successful, but they are not in alignment. They feel intense negative emotion and this creates an even more intense desire to succeed and the desire is strong enough to propel them forward. However, all they are doing is trying to control the conditions. They may appear successful, but since they are not aligned, they feel no true joy, they do not explore reality as they intended, and they feel fear most of the time. Then there are those who are passionate about some aspect of day trading. They are not concerned with wins or losses. They do not judge their success by the money they make or lose, they are simply interested in the process and they exist all day in a state of bliss. Time and physical reality loses its meaning because they are so passionate about what they are doing. In this aligned state, they are receiving all they want and often the side effect of that is financial abundance. But there are other side effects to this approach to life including wonderful relationships, a healthy body, and a balanced life. They are firing on all cylinders because they maintain an aligned state. They have come into alignment because they love what they are doing and they do not let themselves focus in a way that brings them out of alignment.

You cannot fake a passion just to receive the side effect of wealth or anything else. Give up on the idea of creating abundance and allow it to come by finding your passion in life. When you find your passion, you will know it, because you will become lost in it. You will want to do it without getting paid. You will want to find a way just to survive so that you can pursue your passion. You will be less attached to the results and you will be more interested in the journey. It will be something that you wake up and think about first. it will cause you to leap out of bed, ignore food, and make time slip by. Forget everything else you think you want. Get into a state of alignment by focusing right now on feeling good, and then wait for ideas to come to you in that state.

The state of alignment is one where you consider the current conditions perfect as they are. It is one where you consider yourself perfect as you are. It is a state where you perceive everything to be right and nothing to be wrong. It’s an altered state of consciousness where you choose not to react to things you do not like, but rather you find a way to appreciate everything. You get yourself in the flow. You make peace with everyone and everything. You meditate. You become aware of your thoughts and your fears. You respond differently to manifestation events. You stop getting angry. You resist the temptation to complain about anything. All that matters is how you feel. You make feeling good your top priority. In this state you become an allower. in this state, you are receptive. You wait to receive something wonderful. You wait and wait and wait and then you receive it. It is the inspiration to act. You seize that inspiration, you push past the fear that comes up, and you act on that inspired idea by simply taking the very first step you can take. You do not think another step down the road.

If you can do this, you will find your passion. But beware, your true passion is not there to lead you to money, freedom, or anything else you think you want. It is only there to provide you with the opportunity to live in a state of bliss and to explore reality as you intended prior to your birth. What could be better than that?

With our love,
We are Joshua