Dear Joshua,

I have a limiting belief that I am not very good at my job and I had a manifestation event this week that triggered that belief. I wrote it out and came up with evidence that I am good at my job but I still believe that overall there are ways the job is not a perfect fit for me. I wonder is it always true that limiting beliefs are false? I mean is it possible that I’m not very good at my job? I’m also not very good at speaking Chinese and that is just an observation of fact. So is it only limiting if it triggers negative emotion? Or maybe it is just an observation of fact…

Thanks for you help,

Dear Mira,

We will first start by saying that you can have, be and do anything you want in this reality. If you have a belief that you cannot have, be or do anything you want, then that belief is limiting. It causes you to perceive that you cannot have, be or do that thing. If you wanted to speak Chinese and believed you could not, it might limit you from the inspiration to learn Chinese. Since you have no true desire to speak Chinese, the limiting belief does not illicit fear or negative emotion.

You may want to do well at your job. You may enjoy the work and the people. The belief that you are not good at your job causes you to feel anxiety. This negative emotion is in response to fear that you are not good at your job. To solve the problem of the fear you feel, you dip down into a lower emotional state of being and you tap into the stream of consciousness based in fear. You are flooded with urges to control the condition and the idea comes to you to quit your job. You then reason that the job may not be a fit for you.

Without the limiting belief that you are not good in your job, you could not perceive that you are not good. You would feel no fear in that area. However, if you could come into alignment with your true power, you would receive inspiration to take action that would actually enable you to be excellent in your job. It is the state of alignment that will enable you to receive ideas, positive thoughts and inspired action that would lead you to become amazing in your current job. It is alignment that will enable you to create whatever you want. If you want to be good in your job, you must first find a way to step into and maintain alignment. When you are out of alignment, you have no power to create anything you truly want.

So then, do you truly want to be in your job? We will say the answer to this question is yes, for now. In this job, you can practice alignment and see your true powers unfold. By leaving this job in fear, you will stumble into another job and return to the exact same spot. It’s never the job. It’s always you. In fear, you cannot receive the inspiration you will need to be good at your job. Therefore, it’s never about changing conditions as a response to fear. It’s always changing your limiting beliefs, looking at the subject from a higher perspective, understanding who you truly are and what you truly want, and then finding alignment.

Yes, you are used to changing and controlling conditions. No, this approach has never and will never work. Yes, you can process limiting beliefs and find alignment. Yes, you can lean into your work. Yes, you can experiment and see how the system will for for you as it works for all those who make alignment their priority. However, if you seek approval and validation for a job well done, it will be meaningless. If you experiment with how you feel, and strive to feel good, confident and capable, you will receive all the answers to every question you could ever pose.

With our love,
We are Joshua