Dear Joshua,

I have been a student of yours for the past few weeks, and have been reading and attempting to put your teachings into action.

I still don’t know, however, what to do when I have a sudden bout of fear, depression, anger or anxiety. For example, last Sunday, I thought about a meeting that was scheduled to take place on Monday morning, and I got very fearful about it. I kept on trying to change both my focus and to intend to feel good at that very moment, but the relief I felt was only limited.

What can I (and others) do at the moment of crisis, as we perceive it, to break the pattern and to get ourselves back into the positive mindset that will bring us what we want in this physical reality?

Thank you again for your kindness and wisdom.


Dear Michael,

Since you are new to this, you must give yourself a break. This is a process and you will eventually get better and better at maintaining your vibration in the midst of perceived conditions you judge as challenging. You have lived your life by a very specific code or way of being for a very long time, but now you are radically changing your approach to life. Sometimes this shift will stir up feelings of anxiety. However, when you maintain your focus in the presence of conditions or situations that have the potential to cause angst, you shift your reality to another level.

Remember that everything you are perceiving is an illusion. You are the only one seeing it the way you are seeing it. No one else on Earth sees the situation as you do. You cause your own anxiety. You are perceiving things to be unpleasant, dangerous and even a little scary, yet you know that this is all a figment of your untrained imagination. You witness an event and you judge the conditions of the event. You think that the conditions (including the people within them) should be different than they are. What you are not considering is that you set up all of these conditions yourself. You create your reality and you’ve created the conditions. It’s always a perfect match to who you are being. Everything in your life is a match to your vibrational signal.

If you have set up the conditions and you don’t like the conditions, what does that mean? If you could create your reality, would you omit certain aspects of it that you do not like? If that was the case, you could not evolve in the manner you want. You would cease your expansion and you came here to expand. So if you cannot avoid the conditions you do not prefer, then why do these conditions exist in the first place? They are there to specifically further your growth and expansion so that you may become who you want to be and so that you may receive all that you desire.

If you had no desires, you would never encounter manifestation events that caused negative emotion. If you were completely content with all that you have, you would never move forward. Of course, this defies the Law of Expansion which states that everything becomes more. You are moved to create more and to become more through the law of Expansion.

There is another law we would like to discuss. it is the Law of Neutrality. This law states that nothing in the universe is inherently positive or negative, good or bad. It is only your judgment that makes anything good or bad, right or wrong. You alone decide. If you decide it is good, then that works to your benefit. If you decide that something is bad or wrong, then you create a new desire and you must be changed as a result. The universe never sleeps. It is always answering to the call of your desire.

If you are not living the life you desire, then you are not a vibrational match to it. Don’t worry, the universe will mold you (or at least attempt to mold you) into the version of you that is ready for what you want to manifest. If you are not a match, then you must change to become a match. If you allow the change to occur, then you will be easily transformed into a new version of you and what you want will manifest. If you resist the change, as you are inclined to do, then you cause inner conflict, stress on the body, and delay the process of creation.

Your emotions are your guidance. If you feel positive emotion such as elation, happiness, achievement, pride, success, then you are thinking in a way that aligns with who you want to be and all that you desire. However, when you experience negative emotion such as anxiety, anger or fear (all negative emotions are fear-based) then you are resisting the message in the manifestation event. You are resisting the change that you have asked for. It’s such a simple mechanism.

Most people encounter situations that are scary or painful and they feel anger or fear. They do not realize what is happening so they cast blame on the others involved in the event. They want the others to be different than they are. They want the conditions to be better so that they can feel better. They want to leave or force the others to change. They want everything to change except themselves. You create your reality by aligning with the version of you that is ready for all that you want. You manifest the life you desire by constantly changing in order to become a vibrational match to what it is you want. If you don’t change, you can’t get what you want.

So you must become an allower. You must learn to go with the flow. You must become neutral. You must allow the lessons to be learned. You must see what is really going on. You must completely accept each and every event as perfect. You must accept each and every person as perfect. You must remove fear and bring in love. You must understand that everything is happening for you even if you can’t see it from your limited perspective. You must understand that every step is a progression. You are always moving forwards, never backwards.

There is no such thing as a crisis. It is just a manifestation event. You can choose to make things more traumatic if you like. Some people like the drama. But you can also choose to see every event for what it is. All events are there to transform you from a limited version of you to a slightly elevated version of you. All events are designed to move you from who you are being (which is a limited version of you) to who you really are (which is the unlimited version of you).

When you can see these events as transformative and therefore beneficial, you can suspend your reactionary approach to them. In time you will learn to take these events for what they are and you’ll approach them from a stance of optimistic curiosity. When you become neutral, everything will get easier. If you remain judgmental, you will remain in the state of resistance.

You have been taught that certain things are good and other things are bad. You are in a profession where judgment overshadows every aspect of the work. You of all people have been taught about good and bad and right or wrong. Yet these are simply judgments created by a fearful man. There is nothing to fear. You are supported beyond anything you could imagine. Your vibration is tuned to well being. You have nothing to fear. Everything you receive that you don’t like is a result of your fear-based approach to life. When you release your fears, you become unstoppable.